May 3rd, 2004


Godsend, Yuugiou, Yami/Yuugi, R

Title: Godsend
Author: postingwhore
Fandom: Yuugiou
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Yami/Yuugi
Summary: He made you a promise of forever, but you should have known better.
Rating: R
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I am woman. He is man. I own nothing.
Notes: For temps_mort's postscript challenge in 26 minutes. Takes place after end of manga, so there are vague spoilers in here.

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  • aishuu

1POV, PT/Vacation Challenges

It’s been a while so this is for you who need to keep your technical skills in shape.

Challenge: First person, present tense.

“I walk into the room, and of course I see Fuji sitting there. He’s reclining on the couch like he belongs there, like usual, but there’s a glimmer in his eye... I wonder if something is up?”

Any fandom, any topic.

You can take a down n dirty route and take 15 minutes or take a longer time and write for 60 minutes.

Second Challenge: Vacation

Don’t we all need one?

You can take ‘vacation’ literally, as in exotic locales, lovely weather, and lingering dinners for two.

Or interpret ’vacation’ more abstractly, as in a vacation from the norm, an extended absence, a positive retreat, etc. You don’t necessarily need to include the word “vacation” in your story (though it would probably be helpful in most cases), just make it the theme!

You have 60 minutes to get away from it all.