April 26th, 2004

  • aishuu

Harry Potter/P.S. Challenges

I'm back! Hope everyone has taken some time and is ready and rarin' to go.

Challenge One: Harry Potter

Undeniably the largest fandom on the net, your challenge is to a Harry Potter-esque spin on your anime series.

This is your chance to do that guilty crossover you've been thinking about. IS Kaidou really speaking Parseltongue? Or maybe Hikaru is really a wizard, and that's why he can see Sai....

Or go all out, and do an AU. Instead of getting sorted into Gryffindor or Slytherin, the characters can get sorted into Hyotei and Seigaku, and it's Ryoma's turn. Have a complete AU with your fav characters from Full Metal Alchemist taking a class with Professor Snape.

Or, for those of you not fond of the crossover aspect, have your characters mention the books - maybe Touga and Saioni are sparked by something in them. Draw paralels, do insinuations... Or have a date. Remember, the third movie IS due out soon...

And since we ARE a yaoi based list, maybe someone has been having a secret love affair using a polyjuice potion....

Whatever it is, have fun, and owl us back within 2 hours.

Second Challenge: P.S.

For this week's second challenge, we'll try the following. Know those pesty attachments to letters called P.S. -- post-scripts? They can twist the whole meaning of a letter, they can be like a blow to the stomach, they can do and be many things. So: Work with them. Or with the concept of them. Give us a story that is all about post-scripts, post-scripts in any way, shape or form.

P.S. You have 45 minutes. Ready?