April 18th, 2004

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Kanousei (Possibility); Prince of Tennis, AtoJi, G/PG

Title: Hyotei Roommates #12: Kanousei (Possibility)
Author: tiamatv
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: G/PG
Pairing: AtoJi flavoured, but third-person perspective
Challenge: "With One Look" (but very deeply buried)
Genre: Gen/Yaoi
Disclaimer: the Prince of Tennis boys are Konomi-sensei's; Mari, however, is mine. ^^;
Notes: This did not turn out at all as I wanted it to--and, in fact, is rather a rather HUGE jump from my normal style--but oh sigh, these things happen. This is part of my Hyotei Roommates series, but can be read alone, I think. Also, I ran out of time to edit, so there are probably horrid typos in this. ^^;

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Title: Empty
Author: muzivitch
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon
Challenge: Claustrophobia
Rating: PG
Characters: Sumeragi Subaru, mentions of Sumeragi Hokuto
Summary: He used to be terrified of small places.
Disclaimer: Tokyo Babylon and all associated characters are the property of CLAMP
Time: 30 min.
Notes: Well, it sort of went where I thought it was going. I think.

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Author: mushrooms
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Challenge: Claustrophobia [it's just brushed across, heh]
Type: Gen
Rating: something really mild
Characters: Taka-san, mentions of other people
Summary: Have you ever felt trapped?
Disclaimer: Tenipuri belongs to Konomi-semsei. Wish it were mine, but no, the stars aren't in my favour.
Time taken: 45/60 mins
Notes: My tenses are all over the place. T_T I don't like the way this turned out at ALL. Had the plot duckies nibbling on my ears, but they didn't tell me how to WRITE it. Oh, well. Hope you enjoy.

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Challenge Notice: Extended

My apologies - I lost all of my home computers so I'm posting from work. Shhhh!

Anyway, since I have to sneak on, you're merely getting a notice. I will have a new challenge up April 26...

In return, you have FOUR choices to choose from - the last two weeks.

Pandora's Box, War, Claustrophobia and With One Look. View the temps_mort for details.

You may add fifteen minutes to the time stop, since I'm adding a week to mine.
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