March 22nd, 2004

crouching dragon

Shinobi (Peace Maker Kurogane, G, gen)

TITLE: Shinobi
AUTHOR: tarigwaemir
FANDOM: Peace Maker Kurogane (anime)
SUMMARY: "But you are not a samurai."
TIME: approximately 60 minutes
DISCLAIMER: Peace Maker belongs to Kurono Nanae and Gangan, not to me.
NOTES: Just a character drabble, inspired by the scene in one of the early episodes of the anime, where Susumu returns injured after fighting with one of Yoshida's female ninjas. Shorter than I wanted it to be--I keep feeling that it's not really finished somehow. Who knows, maybe when I finish catching up on the series, I'll expand it into something more substantial.

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2 a.m./Fire Challenges

First Challenge: 2 a.m.

Any nightowls here? Or are you like me, and get up insanely early to go to work?

Write a fic where this hour is the focal point of the action. Your characters can be awake and thinking, having sex, or out on the town having a blast! What happens at 2 a.m., and most of the world is asleep? Try to explore this hour, because there’s a lot of potential here.

Most people are still using a lot of the time, so it’s another 2 hour challenge.

Second Challenge: Fire

Finally, the conclusion to the astrology series: this week’s challenge centers around the astrological symbol FIRE. You can write about this in a number of ways. People usually associate fire with anger or lust. Of course, you’re not limited to those themes. Feel free to write about fire thematically, although please try to explain within your story why you’re doing it that way. Leave out the paragraph explanations in the headers, please. You can interpret this literally, as well as metaphorically: Hiei burning up in a fire, versus Hiei burning up in lust because he’s watching Kurama.

This is broad, so interpret this as you will. You have 75 minutes.