March 17th, 2004


Four Elements/Saiuyki-ish/PG?/shounen-ai

sigh* playing with style again, and I've deliberately left the parings vague. Anyone familiar with the series, please let me know if I've got the "voices" right?
Title: Four Elements
Author: Sorcha (
Rating: PG?
Pairings: hints, unstated
Time taken: 68 minutes, in bits and pieces
Summary: A short vingette on the characters relationship to the elements and each other.

Disclaimers and Acknowledgements: I don't own Saiyuki or any of the
characters contained therein, they belong to Minekura Kazuya. I'll put the boys back when I'm done with them, hopefully with no lasting traumas. Sadly, no money changed hands during the making of this piece. I'd just read Misleading Physicality by
Karotsamused, to whom this story is dedicated.

Whenever I think of him, I always think of fire.

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The Eventual Victor (Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, PG-13, gen)

Title: The Eventual Victor
Author: catfight
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
Type: Gen
Characters: Cuan, Eltoshan, Sigurd
Rating: PG-13 for violence.
Summary: Sigurd watches the friendly rivalry between Cuan and Eltoshan develop, and eventually come to terms.
Disclaimer: Fire Emblem is not mine, the characters are not mine. (If it were, we'd get a shiny new Seisen remake in which the supposed three best friends actually had a real conversation at some point in the game!)
Notes: The game challenge. I used eighty minutes of the allotted timespan. It starts with Cuan and Eltoshan playing chess, and moves into...well...Cuan and Eltoshan competing at just about everything. Particulars and some dialogue of the battle scene shamelessly ripped from the Osawa manga; I've always liked the interpretation of that scene, so I ended up with just a slight reworking of canon for that part of the fic.

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