March 10th, 2004

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after the war (prince of tennis, pg, gen)

Title: After the War
Author: chrissie
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Challenge: Cliche, White Day
Type: Gen
Pairing: Hints of various if you really want to look
Rating: PG
Time: Every second of the two hours, and more to edit. I'm striving hard to squeeze within the time limit, really.
Disclaimer: I don't even think I want the boys I've written here.
Notes: I started this for the cliche-fic challenge, then realized halfway through that cliches were out and White Day was in. It shows.

This is Prince of Tennis AU fic, set in a WWII-esque world -- except not. I know nothing of armies and less of war, so assume this happens in a place where military procedures make no sense.

Feedback is like chocolate, even when it's bitter.

Edited to add: two_if_by_sea has written a gorgeous, gorgeous sequel here, the only fault of which is that it makes the original pale in comparison. <3

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