March 9th, 2004

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Floods and Draughts (Legacy of Kain, PG-12, Yaoi, Janos Audron / Vorador)

Title: Floods and Draughts
Author: Emerald Embers
Fandom: Legacy of Kain
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Janos Audron / Vorador
Rating: PG-12 for violence and mild yaoi
Summary: For the 'Water' challenge, written in 50 minutes; Janos has a talent for survival.
Disclaimer: Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive own and make me cry. Non-profit fanfiction.
Dedication: Let this fic be my own pathetic tribute (although, in a way, all of my LoK fics are bizarre tributes) to Amy Hennig as she leaves the shores of Crystal Dynamics. Rather than scream at her for departing, I'd like to take time to say she's made an amazing decade's worth of games, and to thank her for making a series that inspired me to write more than mad gay porn or mad scary morbidness. Thanks to her, I can write combinations, and if I were a rich little non-student person, I'd be sending farewell flowers. *smooches, bows, and buggers off*
Warning: Possibly mild spoilers for LoK: Defiance. I can't quite decide.

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P.S., sorry about the lateness >
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Once Upon a Time (Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, G, gen)

Title: Once Upon a Time
Author: catfight
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (video game)
Type: Gen .
Characters: Dain, Noba.
Rating: G.
Summary: Holsety ruminates on Dain, Noba, and the circumstances that drove them apart.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fire Emblem, or any of the characters.
Notes: The Earth challenge, although the earth theme didn't come out as strongly here as I had originally planned. I originally had something in mind with Finn telling the story to Leaf, so that would be Noba-skewed and thus earthier, but somehow Holsety butted his way in and demanded to be the narrator, so I was like "...whatever floats your boat." Didn't use the full time, something more like...fifty minutes? Fifty-five? Around there.

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