March 8th, 2004

  • aishuu

White Day/Earth Challenges

First Challenge: White Day!

It’s a month after Valentine’s and that means it’s White Day. And since we are a Japanese-culture oriented comm, let’s focus on it!

Your challenge is to write a White Day fic.

Since many of us write yaoi, you can have one or both parties give a White Day gift. Or for the het fans, have the guy give the girl something back AFTER receiving a V-day gift. White Day is about the return of an obligation, so people can also focus on having a favor returned if you don’t want to deal with the holiday itself.

Catch? Include something white that is not chocolate or the present itself. The more white images, the better.

I’ve noticed a lot of people are using most of the time, so this time I’m going to be nice and say... you have 2 hours.

Second Challenge: Earth

Continuing on with the trend of last week, the second challenge is to write about the astrological symbol EARTH. You can do this in a number of ways. People usually think of earth as a kind of warm, encompassing, natural feel: “earthen tones,” to be more precise. You can use the theme of the earth itself: for example, Sengoku rolling around naked in a vegetable garden, or Hikaru and Akira having a picnic bare-assed in the grass. Interpret this as you will and have fun with it. :D

You have 75 minutes.