March 5th, 2004

a lovestruck romeo, sings the streets a serenade

Flower Craves A Hailstorm (PoT, PG, shounen-ai, SanaYuki)

Title | Flower Craves A Hailstorm
Author | tongari
Challenge | 'water', 70-odd mins minus editing.
Fandom | Prince of Tennis
Characters | SanaYuki
Rating | PG
Summary | Sanada and Yukimura do everything except explicitly frolic amongst the flowerbeds.
Disclaimer | Prince of Tennis and its characters are the property of Konomi Takeshi.
Notes | I like to think of this as both of them having their cake and eating it and then never, ever, ever having cake ever again. and yes, resurrected zombie pairing from the land of dormant OTPs :P that said, wahey it's Yuki's big day today! *throws semes at him*

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