February 24th, 2004


Formal Correspondence/Demon Diaries/PG

Title: Formal Correspondence
Author: Sorcha (MangaSong@aol.com)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Demon Diary
Type/characters: Shounen ai, Eclipse/Raenef

Summary: Eclipse and Raenef exchange letters while Eclipse's duties keep them apart.

Disclaimer: I don't own Demon Diary, Raenef or Eclipse. Even though they belong to Kara, Lee Chi Hyong and Tokyopop, I'm only sneaking onto their playground. No money was harmed (or changed hands) during the making of this story.
Time taken/challenge: 80 minutes/Letters

Notes: {brackets} indicate anything not part of a letter itself. It's cannon that Raenef isn't very literary- I promise I know how to spell and even grammar and stuff. ::grin:: Any mistakes in his letters are there on purpose.

My Most Dread Master Raenef,

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