February 23rd, 2004

  • aishuu

Smooth Talk/Letters Challenges

First Challenge: Smooth Talk

There's a very famous short story by Joyce Carol Oates called "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" which was made into a film called "Smooth Talk." We're going to take this week's challenge from those themes.

If you've read the story (and if you're in any kind of Lit class, there's a strong chance you have), you can work the themes of it into it. Or... You can have a character ask: "Where Are You Going?" or "Where Have You Been?" to another character. The third option is to use the movie title, "Smooth Talk" and feature some smooth talking...

Now what's the catch? Ah, yes. The key to the original story is its rather nebulous ending, which leaves it open to interpretation. So... your challenge is to leave the ending of the story open to the reader's interpretation, or leave it hanging - intentionally. This is when it's GOOD to have a cliffhanger ending.

You have 70 minutes to talk your way through this one.

Second Challenge: Letters

The second challenge revolves around letters, which must be the main theme of your story. Your story can be about a character who finds a letter in a bottle, Fiore agonizing over a love letter to Mamoru, written in the form of a letter, ex. 'I don't know why I'm writing, really. I suppose these rainy nights just make me think of you, and the tears and ink coalesce on the page and I see your reflection in them.' Whatever. Or anything else you can think of, but your story's main focus must revolve around a letter.

You have 90 minutes to pen this one.