February 11th, 2004

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Nice Day for a Stupid Game [PoT, PG13, Fuji*Kiri]

hello, am delurking because my pet pairing couldn't resist this week's challenge.

Title :: Nice Day for a Stupid Game
Author :: tongari
Fandom :: Prince of Tennis
Challenge :: Valentine's [chocs + V-Day hate + White Day mention]
Pairing :: Fuji * Kirihara [waves banner]
Rating :: PG13
Summary :: Fuji finds a good use for all the chocolate he gets on Feburary 14th.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is the property of Konomi Takeshi.
Notes: there might be weird jarring passages because FujiKiri is my overhormonal DH-Lawrence-y OTP, sorry. 44 mins pure typing, spellchekc and editing.. errr bits and bobs here and there. inspired by computing notes and a Marks & Spencers catalogue.

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Beautiful (SI Peace Maker, G, gen)

TITLE: Beautiful
AUTHOR: tarigwaemir
FANDOM: Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker
TYPE: gen
SUMMARY: Tetsu gets his first sword
TIME: approximately 40 minutes, including editing
DISCLAIMER: Peace Maker belongs to Kurono Nanae and Gangan, not to me.
NOTES: I was trying to talk about swordsmanship as art and the pitfalls thereof. I've only read scanslations of the first three volumes, so my characterizations may be off. Anyway, that's why this is such a short vignette rather than an attempt at an actual storyline. I wanted to write something longer but I ran out of inspiration.

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Scarlet Lettering (Prince of Tennis, R/NC-17, yaoi)

Title: Scarlet Lettering
Author: catchfyre
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: strong yaoi
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Making love and making art can be many different things...
Notes: I do not know what I was doing. It's fairly obvious. Please forgive me.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis and all related characters do not belong to me. This is only a work of fun and fiction.
Challenge: Fine Art

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