February 9th, 2004


Lessons Learned (Naruto, G, Gen, Kiba)

Title: Lessons Learned
Author: Thistle-Chaser
Fandom: Naruto
Type: Gen
Pairing/Characters(for gen): Kiba, Shikamaru
Rating: G
Summary: Valentine's Day at the ninja academy.
Disclaimer: Alas, I don't own the series.
Notes: This takes place before the anime starts. The characters are all young kids, around 6-7 years of age. I used Valentine's Day, plus one detail = done in 15 minutes.

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Valentine's/Fine Art Challenge

First challenge: Valentine’s

Of course we have to inspire you for Valentine’s! And since your mod is in a nice mood, she’s going to give you plenty of options to choose from (with help from beckymarie):

Your fic should include some of the following (remember, most anime are Japanese based, so this list is inspired by that!):

*Making chocolates
*A creative use of chocolate
*Someone dressed as Cupid
*A romantic dinner
*Someone who hates Valentine’s Day
*A mention of White Day
*The history of St. Valentine
*Fangirls and those they stalk
*Someone getting sick from too much candy
*A Valentine’s Day Card
*A Romantic Confession

All fics should INVOLVE Valentine’s Day, unless you’re working from a series that V-day isn’t likely to occur.

Time? Ah, there’s the rub. You have 15 minutes for each item/action you include. Therefore, you can earn up to 3 hours. Of course, if you want, you can always go for a 15-minute dash, or anything in between.

Second Challenge: Fine art.

You have many options, here:

1) Take the term literally and write a fic about stealing sculptures, admiring paintings, composing symphonies, or anything else relating to the creation, appreciation, or fate of an actual work.

2) Adopt a looser definition. Write about a beloved person or family heirloom as a priceless work of art, explore the fine art of teaching, loving, losing, etc.

3) Mention a well known masterwork in passing. But that's only if you're feeling really lazy (or dirrrty).

Just get creative with it! You have 1 hour to appreciate, savor, desecrate, or destroy the finer things in life. If you include an image in your post, please remember to avoid hotlinking by uploading the file to your own server!

This is How it Goes (KwG, G, shounen-ai, Shinobu x Mitsuru)

Title: This is How it Goes
Author: kitsune_tsuki
Fandom: Koko wa Greenwood
Challenge: Valentine's Day
Type: Barely there shounen-ai. Really. Hardly noticeable.
Characters: Hasukawa, Shun, Shinobu, Mitsuru
Pairing: Shinobu x Mitsuru
Rating: G
Summary: Valentine's Day at Greenwood.
Disclaimer: I don't own KwG, I'm just borrowing it for a little bit.
Notes: My first post to the community, and my first KwG fic. Written in about an hour with about ten minutes to edit...any mistakes are due to my faulty memory.

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