January 28th, 2004


Three-Pointer Kissing [I’ll/Generation Basket * PG * shounen-ai]

Title: Three-Pointer Kissing
Author: Dew
Fandom: I’ll/Generation Basket
Type: shounen-ai
Pairing: Tachibana/Hiiragi
Rating: PG
Time: 42 minutes
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction. Hiroyuki Asada =/= me. Therefore “I’ll” = not mine.
Notes: Written for the “Addicted” challenge. I have now learned that writing in the second person makes my characterisation go screwy. =__=

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The Art of Stealing (DNAngel, G, gen)

Title: The Art of Stealing
Author: Amy Pan
Fandom: DNAngel
Challenge: Addiction
Type: General Angst
Character: Dark and Daisuke interaction, Mother mentioned
Rating: G
Time: 35 minutes
Disclaimer: DNAngel belongs to the great Bunny-sensei, and a load of other companies. I do not own it, unfortunately.
Notes: In response to the Addiction challenge, limit 45 minutes. First timed challenge. It's a pretty interesting experience. Actually, there's not much I wanted to do with this piece, so it's pretty short, and doesn't have much to it. Most of it is psychological drama. Mostly this is for me to brush up on prose, and such... Mostly it's pieces of internal drama, so don't expect much plot development. >.> Cross-posted both at the Temps Mort community and on my LJ.

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Breathe and Stop (Hikaru no Go, G, het?, Akiko/Kouyo)

Title: Breathe and Stop
Author: Erin Ellis
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Challenge: Minor character
Type: Het, but in a gennish sort of way
Character: Touya Akiko
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go and its female characters no one cares about are copyright Shueisha, TV Tokyo, and Studio Pierrot, among others. Created by Hotta Yumi & Obata Takeshi.
Notes: A minor character challenge, I couldn't not enter. No go-boys; I don't even use the word 'go' in the story. Just Touya's mom and gratuitous comma usage. Read it anyway. Ten minutes writing, thirty-some editing.

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Addiction Challenge: "Play"

Title: Play
Author: Rackham Rose
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Type: Big Gay Geeks Without Angst (Redux!), with added silliness
Challenge: Addiction
Rating: PG
Time: 15 minutes
Disclaimer: Matsushita Youko owns Yami, and one day, she may own one of my vital organs.
Notes: There are two people I blame for this: nokoru and shoiryu.
My entire family had Tatsumi's problem at one point. We didn't get anything done for weeks.

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