January 19th, 2004

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Of Coffee and Sadism (Good Omens, PG-12, Yaoi, Crowley/Aziraphale)

Title: Of Coffee and Sadism
Author: Emerald Embers
Fandom: Good Omens
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Crowley/Aziraphale
Rating: PG-12 for mild swearing, mild violent references, and yaoi.
Summary: In which English weather and the coffee industry bring a few more truths to light than necessary.
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction, please don't sue me!
Notes: All time used for the Sex challenge, including a little extra bit using the 'Down and Dirty Bonus'. You'd probably have to read it to see how it managed to stay PG-12 ^_^. Also, this fic contains a mild incident of what you could probably class as voyeurism, if you were being fussy and want to be warned ahead of time.

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Gale - golden

Quirks (Devil May Cry, R, Yaoi, Humanised Griffon / Humanised Nightmare)

Title: Quirks
Author: Emerald Embers
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Humanised Griffon / Humanised Nightmare (Damien).
Rating: R for yaoi.
Disclaimer: Non-profit fan-fiction. Griffon and Nightmare belong to Capcom, designers of the gameplay wonder that is Devil May Cry, but Nightmare's personality and human name belongs to me.
Notes: Done for the 'Sex' challenge. If you can't picture what humanised Nightmare and Griffon might look like, my own ideas are roughly based off pictures to be found on this site's DMC section. I strongly recommend you visit the site regardless of this fic anyway. Her Dante is lush (and her Trish, if you're fonder of the fairer gender).

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Limbo [Prince of Tennis, PG-13, Shonen-ai, Yuuta]

Title: Limbo
Author: Gen X (joyeuxnoel)
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: First POV, Shonen-ai, Stream of Consciousness/Character Analysis
Characters: Yuuta
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Non-song Songfic "Can't Wake Up" by Greg Naughton and the Stark Naked Sole. (You can find the lyrics and download the mp3 here.)
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis was created by Konomi Takeshi. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made from this creative venture.
Summary: Takes place the day after the Saeki-Yuuta kiss. Yuuta can't seem to get it out of his mind, and can't get any rest due to his nightmares. (2220 words)
Notes: Inspired by events in the match_point roleplay. Thanks to ruaki for letting my play in her sandbox. Clipped the ending lyrics.
Time: 60 minutes with editing. Must stop using stream of consciousness. ~_~

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Heroes/Grocery List Challenges

First Challenge: Heroes

A combination of suggestions from kickinpants and joyeuxnoel

Hero: n 1: a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength; 2: the principle character in a play or movie or novel or poem 3: someone who fights for a cause.

Almost every story has a hero, so let’s do a story about them. What happens when you realize your hero is fallible? What’s the daily trials of being someone’s hero? What makes a hero? Who are some of the unsung heroes?

Whatever your story is about, focus on the hero.

The catch (because this is temps_mort and there is always a catch)? Your story has to be in the second person.

You have 60 minutes.


Second Challenge: Grocery list fic.

No, that doesn't mean you have to make your favorite fellows run out to buy fresh produce, but it does mean that you have to write a fic including the following:

-4 boys/men OR 4 girls/women (not necessarily all in one sexual relationship, but all playing an important role)

-3 red objects.

-2 instances of striking fashion taste (ie, "Duo dressed like a lunatic," "Tezuka wore a lovely pink ruffled tutu," or "Sesshoumaru walked naked down the street.")

-1 anime cliché/in-joke or mention of anime/manga series (Hikaru was reading a Gundam Wing Doujinshi; Miaka! Tamahome! Miaka! Tamahome!; Ranma face-faulted.)

You have 45 minutes.

Have fun!