January 18th, 2004


Dirty Boys Need Love!, Prince of Tennis, NC-17, yaoi

Title: Dirty Boys Need Love!
Author: dilettantka, to be crossposted in my creative journal
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Oshitari x Gakuto
Rating: NC-17
Spoiler Warning: None to speak of
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is the gift of Grand Master Porn-Sensei Konomi Takeshi, who knows not what he hath wrought (or does he???)
Notes: How could I possibly resist a challenge like "write pure smut for 20 minutes"? This gives me the excuse to write a little scene which I've pondered before *giggle*

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Nashi [PoT, yaoi, R]

Title: Nashi (Without)
Author: Monnie tiamatv
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: OshiGaku
Rating: R
WordCount: 1662 (whee! Might be my shortest!)
Challenge: Sex
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is hardly mine, but rather belongs to Konomi Takeshi. There is no money being made from this; if it has any value at all, it is in sheer amusement. Really.
Time: *amused* I finished this in 62 minutes, because, well, I thought that the challenge said sixty--and then I looked back and it was eighty. So I fiddled with it until I hit 78 minutes. ^_^
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