November 11th, 2003

Loving and Losing (Fruits Basket, PG, yaoi, YukixKyou)

Title: Loving and Losing
Author: apocalypse_chan
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Type: yaoi, metioned het
Pairing/Characters(for gen): YukixKyou, mentioned one sided Tohru+Yuki
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket is the property of Natsuki Takaya.
Challenge: Regret
Notes: Spoilers, spoilers. Not explicitly stated, but concerning Kyou. So, be warned. Possible alternate ending to series (as manga timeline processes.) Angst.

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regret challenge

Nabbed from contrelamontre. I'll only be posting one challenge (the one from contrelamontre) per week for the rest of November, as I'll be too busy 'til then.

Incorporate the theme of regret in your story. You can interpret this as you will. However, usage of the word 'regret' is forbidden.

You have one hour for this challenge. Have fun!