October 12th, 2003

Early Morning (Gouhou Drug/Lawful Drugs, G, implied shounen-ai)

Title: Early Morning
Author: Shiro-chan
Fandom: Gouhou Drug/Lawful Drugs
Type: implied shounen-ai
Rating: G
Time: 42 minutes
Disclaimer: The characters in Gouhou Drug does not belong to me. They belong to CLAMP.
Feedback: Hopefully.
Notes: My first time posting in temps_mort. A bit scared but I'll try to post here more often.
Challange: Virgin Series

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Perfect World (Duklyon, shonen-ai, G, Takeshi/Kentaro)

Title: Perfect World
Author: Chash
Fandom: Campus Cop Duklyon
Type: shonen ai
Pairing: Takeshi/Kentaro
Rating: G
Summary: Takeshi does not live in a perfect world.
Disclaimer: So not mine. All is Clamp’s.
Notes: Written for the “virgin” challenge, also my first post to this community. Just got this comic today, but had read about it before, nonetheless, I’m not that familiar with it, so apologies for any glaring errors.
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Like a Dog ~ Under the Glass Moon ~ PG ~ obsessive shounen ai (Neo/Luka)

Title: Like a Dog
Author: Anie
Fandom: Under the Glass Moon
Rating: PG
Type: obsessive shounen-ai weird stuff
Pairing: Neo/Luka
Challenge: Virgin series challenge
Etc.: Ever hear L'arc~en~ciel's "Taste of Love"? I couldn't help it, the "you treat me like a dog" line was stuck in my head. . . so after god knows how long in not writing any fic at all, I bring fic! Doggy fic! Woofwoof!

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