October 1st, 2003

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Prisoner of Fate ~ Chrono Cross, PG, Gen/ S-ai ~

Title: Prisoner of Fate
Author: shiva_chan
Fandom: Chrono Cross
Type: Gen/ S-ai
Pairing/Characters: Serge and Nikki
Rating: PG
Summary: Serge realizes that he should just stop thinking at times.
Disclaimer: If Chrono Cross was mine then Serge would be spending the whole game being uke to just about everyone. Too bad that it’s Squaresoft’s and not mine, ne?
Challenge: "This is not the worst moment of my life…"
Time Taken: About… 45 minutes
Notes: Now for my weekly babble… I almost thought that I wasn’t about to get a fic out for this challenge but I proved myself wrong! I needed this escape, really I did. So I’m glad this idea came to me late last night and I was able to write it early this morning. Yay!

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Crossing Lines (Wild Adapter, gen, PG, Kubota x Tokitoh)

Title - Crossing Lines

Author - kickinpants

Fandom – Wild Adapter

Genre – General, sorta.

Rating – PG

Warnings- Language (and…ack, the sweet)

Disclaimer- Minekura Kazuya owns all that is WA, and abuses us fans mercilessly because of it.

Challenge- “…it’s all dialogue.”

Notes: (Sorry, but I can only write for one fandom basically. -_-) Took the 40 plus a couple to check my dots. ^^;; Feedback is always welcome and thank you.

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dialogue / fight challenge

Thanks to everyone who replied to last week's challenges! XD Everyone's been great, despite being busy with RL stuff. Say it with me now, RL is evil! So now you've got to take a break and write for this week's challenges. XD

Also people, please don't forget your subject headings. If you don't fill that in properly (even a title would suffice to do really), then I'll have to fill that in myself. It's alright during a slow week, but it's hell during a busy week.

First challenge: pure dialogue

This one's fairly simple. (At least simple for me to explain.) In fact, I'm going to quote aishuu on this, who suggested this week's challenge. ^^

Dialogue. A piece written with JUST dialogue. To make it more difficult, the persons speaking can't address each other by name or nickname, but can refer to OTHER people.

And to clarify, when we say only dialogue, we mean only dialogue. You can't even go"




You've got 40 minutes.

Second challenge: fight

You've got to incorporate a fight into your story. It can be verbal or physical: stilletto stomping, bitch slapping, a cold over-the-phone spat or an all-out rough and tumble, kick the shit out of each other battle. Interpret this as you will, but there must be a fighting element.

You've got an hour for this challenge. Put your boxing gloves on and have at it!