September 11th, 2003


Food Challenge

Title: Salt
Author: Rackham Rose
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon 1999
Type: Shounen-ai
Challenge: Food
Rating: G
Time: 45 minutes
Disclaimer: I only make money off of this stuff in my dreams. Of course, in my dreams, I sometimes meet leprechauns who tell me to burn things.
Notes: TB99 is the live-action movie based on the Tokyo Babylon manga. What little translation I've ganked from the person who gave it to me (and the worse-than-scant resources on the 'net) basically indicates that TB99 could either take place in 1999 instead of the Apocalypse depicted in X and is therefore an alternate ending to the S&S plot arc thingy, or that it could take place when Subaru is 21. I like to think it's set in 1999.
This is in fact a completed version of the birthdayfic I was writing for kosquarepelli. Happy birthday very late, mon amour. ^^;

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