September 6th, 2003

Unofficial Business: Suikoden III, PG-13, het

Title: Unofficial Business
Author: unedited
Fandom: Suikoden III
Challenge: "May I have this dance?"
Type: het
Rating: PG-13, warnings for verbosity and fluff and a somewhat unusual pairing
Disclaimer: The Gensou Suikoden series is far, far too intelligent and fascinating and in-depth to belong to a peon such as myself. It can only be the work of a large mega-corporation like Konami with, at its disposal, the brains of millions of people who are intelligent and fascinating and in-depth. I claim only this particular idea, and even then, not any of the details of it, just the general setting.
Summary: At a gala held by the Zexen Merchant's Council, Lady Chris Lightfellow is enduring the sort of trial that no reasonable woman should ever have to endure... Being forced to listen to the public proposals of her admirers. Even if she does turn them all down.
Notes: Wrote on a whim, and because I think it's the only pairing for Chris that survives. (Sorry, she's not into Borus. And Yun would've been cool, but unfortunately... Anyhow.) I realized I hadn't done tribute to Suikoden 3 yet on this list, and that's a crime, so -- I fixed it! There may be slight OOC depending on how you view the characters, but the only one I feel really suffers from this characterization is maybe Leo. My beta-reader insists that it's perfect as it is, but I don't feel comfortable with the ending, I feel like I should've said more... The title is more or less random. Blah. Lastly, please forgive any inaccuracies in titles or references. This fic was actually finished almost a week ago, but I neglected to post it because I'm lazy and had trouble with the title. 64 minutes.

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Skin Deep (FF7, PG-13, mild yaoi)

Title: Skin Deep
Author: purest_chaos
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Type: General/Yaoi (only if you're really looking hard ^^;;)
Pairing/Characters: Hojo/Vincent
Rating: PG-13, dark themes, character death, obsession
Summary: A small peek into Hojo's mind throughout the game. A series of four drabbles.
Disclaimer: Do I own FF7? Nope, Nadda, Zip, Not moi. I just play with them.
Challenge: 5 Minute Drabbles

Notes: Actually this thought has been running around in my head for a while, coupled with my FF7 saga idea that has been in my head for oh about..... 2 years now. I haven't written any of it. That would require complete replay of the game. I'm too lazy, but my Hojo muse continues to hang around. .... He scared off my Vincent muse too... And any errors that I make in reference to the game are simply because I haven't played it in a year. Forgive me.
First challenge I've completed for this community too. It's probably not my best work, but I'm not used to time limits either.

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