August 30th, 2003

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5 minute drabble challenge

Technically, I skipped an entire week for a challenge, since the last one was so late. I'm posting this one early, just so you can have a headstart on it. Anyone who still wants to write for the "May I have this dance?" challenge though may do so until Sunday.

Anyway, this weeks challenge is a series of 5 minute drabbles. The idea is to write a drabble under 5 minutes. Then after that you're to write another 5 minute drabble that's related to the first, and then another 5 minute drabble after that and so on. The drabbles don't have to be one continuing scene, in fact, I advise against it, since it would defeat the purpose of separating it into different drabbles. But all in all, your series of 5 minute drabbles should tell a story of a bigger whole.

The minimum amount for drabbles allowed is 3. So time limit is 5 minutes per drabble, total time taken will depend on how many drabbles you put in.

Can you take a rest after you write a 5 minute drabble and not jump into the next one immediately? That's fine. As long as you only take 5 minutes to write each one.

Enjoy! ^_^
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  • i_chan

[Fic] The Street Tennis Courts (Prince of Tennis)

Title: The Street Tennis Courts
Author: i_chan
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: None in particular.
Rating: G
Type: 6 drabbles from different POVs of various PoT characters
Time: 5 minutes per drabble. I might have gone a bit over the time at the Momoshiro part...
Notes: A series of fics told in different POVs about how the street court has brought these guys together. Comments are nice ^-^

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