June 13th, 2003

Turnabout: Juuni Kokuki, PG, yaoi

Title: Turnabout
Author: unedited
Fandom: Juuni Kokuki (Record of the Twelve Kingdoms, also called the Twelve Kingdoms or Juuni Kokki)
Type: yaoi
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Juuni Kokuki is a masterpiece in world-building and does not in any way, shape, or form belong to me. I have merely hijacked the characters to go into a nearly-sacrilegious fic on one of its imperial pairs. I repeat: they're not mine, and this is probably a crime in more ways than just copyright infringement.
Notes: I feel guilty having written this. Besides the fact that it's completely impossible and wishful thinking and I'm taking the coward's way out by not writing an explanation... Well, never mind. I shouldn't feel guilty. *sweatdrop* 35 minutes. I can't write anything short, ever. DAMN. Er... Hi Swyth. XD

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"Night of Secrets": Naruto ( PG, gen/yaoi, Itachi+Naruto )

Title: Night of Secrets
Author: cugami
Fandom: Naruto
Type: gen/yaoi (depends on how you look at it)
Pairing: Itachi/Naruto
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Naruto is copyright to Kishimoto Masashi and Shueisha.
challenge: no beginning, no end under 45 minutes
Notes: HAH! Yes. I can now sleep. I am rid of this Itachi/Naruto bit off my mind. This will one day blossom into a fic but anymore addition right now will extend the 45 minute limit. So I stopped. ^^ Didn't have enough time to make any edits and hopefully, there aren't any embarrassing typos.

brief info: Itachi became Anbu captain at age 13. His age here is either 13. He's now 16 in the manga and Sasuke is 12. So Naruto in this setting is 9 years old.

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Fruits Basket het ficlet, PG-13

Title: Untitled Shigure/Tohru Scene
Author: solderini
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Type: Het
Pairing: Shigure/Tohru, mention of Yuki/Tohru/Kyou
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tohru has been having dreams, and Shigure gives her some advice.
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket does not belong to me, nor am I making any money off of this work of fanfiction.
Notes: A scene I have in my head for a lemon series I want to write, jokingly titled "Tohru Does Tokyo." Premise: Tohru is a teenager, all teenager have hormones, and these hormones cause dreams. Yes, teenage girls have erotic dreams too, no matter how much people like to deny it. Took the whole time to write this (plus a tiny bit extra to spell-check).

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Change of Tempo, Kaikan Phrase, NC-17, yaoi, Santa/Atsurou

Seems like everybody is coming up with multiple ideas this week. Here is my second contribution to "no beginning/no end" and it's stream of consciousness style; in other words, I didn't have time to edit it and the verb tenses and sentence structure (if there is any) are completely screwed.

Title: Change of Tempo
Author: dilettantka, to be crossposted in my creative journal
Fandom: Kaikan Phrase
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Santa/Atsurou
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Kaikan Phrase manga is owned by and copyright to Shinjou Mayu.
Notes: Time: Approximately 40 minutes. Theme: no beginning/no end.
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Full Potential - gen GB ficlet, PG

Title: Full Potential
Author: ume
Fandom: Get Backers
Type: Gen, mostly
Pairing: no real pairings but characters involved are Akabane and Ginji/Raitei. er, that's Ginji and Raitei are both there. Not Ginji/Raitei slash. >_>
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own Get Backers or any of the characters within. They're still the properties of their rightful owners and I'm just borrowing them for the time being.
Notes: Time: Almost the full 45 minutes. Theme: no beginning/no end Helluva lot of perspective problems among other things. Feel free to smite me with a rusty poker for inflicting this upon you all.

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Title: An Uneasy Truce
Author: Sai
Fandom: X/1999
Type: Gen--Shonen-ai. No beginning, no end.
Pairing: Seishirou/Subaru
Rating: G
Disclaimer: X/1999 is owned by Clamp. I didn't make any money from writing this.
Notes: 30 minutes typing, 15 pondering/editing. I kind of just went for it. It might turn into a longer fic later.
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Birthday Presents ~ Kimi no Naka de Nemurasete (Hugh/Sei) ~ PG-13/R ~ Yaoi

Well, here's to the first of three ficlets to be posted tonight! ^^

Title: Birthday Presents
Author: Anie
Fandom: Kimi no Naka de Nemurasete
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Hugh/Sei
Rating: somewhere between PG-13 and R ^^
Disclaimer: This belongs to someone else. . . sigh.
Etc.: You can find the scanlation of Kimi no Naka de Nemurasete at Obsession; lovely hentai-ish manga! *le purr* For basic plotline, Sei is a Japanese exchange student in England, and he of course meets Hugh, and fun things ensue. As for the fic itself, written in about 20 minutes, and mediocre to my eyes, but the image I had for it was just too much not to be written.

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(untitled) ~ Kimi no Naka de Nemurasete (Jake/Lesley) ~ PG-13 ~ Yaoi

Second fic to be posted tonight! Yaaaay! ^^

Title: (untitled)
Author: Anie
Fandom: Kimi no Naka de Nemurasete
Pairing: Jake/Lesley
Type: Yaoi
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. Fuu.
Etc.: Written in 20 minutes, greatly enjoyed it. . . am going to pimp the scanlation again here! I hope you can keep the two characters straight in here, since I never actually mention the names. ^_^ (P.S. - Lesley is the blond, Jake the brunette.)

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(untitled) ~ Inuyasha (IY/M) ~ PG/PG-13 ~ Yaoi

Last of the ficlets! Yaaaaay! (All this typing is making me tired. . . ^^)

Title: (untitled)
Author: Anie
Fandom: Inuyasha
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Inuyasha/Miroku
Rating: PG/PG-13
Disclaimer: Inuyasha's not mine. If it were, Sesshoumaru would be cuffed naked to my bed at the moment and Miroku would be doing very bad things to him.
Etc.: This thing makes no sense. It was created basically for the humor. <singing>Miroku's being a sluuuut. . .</singing>

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