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Nothing/Apologies Challenges

Challenge One: Nothing

"What are you doing?"


How often do we do "nothing?" Exactly what is "nothing?" How can you have a conversation about "nothing?"

Show what characters do when they're doing "nothing." This is a chance for a "slice of life" if you're in the mood - or be more creative and have people talk about belly button lint. Have people caught doing "nothing." Then there is always the fact we all have to do dishes or laundry... or stare at the ceiling at 3 a.m. thinking of challenges.

60 minutes for these non-existant pieces.

Challenge Two: Apologies

Time to get out your manners and brush them off. The second challenge is "apologies."

Have Kirihara apologize for injuring someone. What if there's an apology that's still owed by will never be given? Maybe Kagome can think about how hard it is to apologize to Inu Yasha.

The apology doesn't actually have to be given... or if it is, it doesn't have to be accepted.

85 minutes to grovel.</i>
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