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Title: Watching
Author: GW Katrina
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Type: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Yugi/Yami
Rating: PG
Challenge: Vampire
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, the boys would be shagging quite publicly by now.

This is an AU version of YGO, as well as my reaction to reading one too many cliche fics. Let me know if you can guess what cliche finally got to me. Took a half-hour to write this.

Also, this is my first time posting to this community. Let me know if I did anything wrong.


He’s beautiful.

I lay here watching him as he slowly becomes the same as me. Somehow, it seems so much more fitting for him to become one of those who stalk the night. He was darkness as he moved gracefully through the crowded streets I was hunting. After seeing him, how could I not follow him?

I am drawn by that which is dark. That’s how I became what I am. Death disguised as innocence. You have no idea how often people are lured to me by the lost puppy look I give when I’m hungry. It helps that I look so much younger than what I really am.

That, I think, is what drew him as well. His eyes, already a dark crimson, couldn’t stop staring at me when I finally approached him on that dark street. He had opened his mouth, then paused. I have the feeling that he was going to ask if I needed help, then saw what few others do.


I am vampire. I feed off blood. The results of my passing are the death of those who are foolish enough to try to face me. I leave in my wake the bodies of fools, laughing as authorities try to discover the death-dealer that lurks in their homes.

And when I saw him, I hungered. But it was not my normal hunger. This hunger was so much more. I wanted to keep him at my side, to watch his graceful dance of life.

Instead, I get a parody of it.

I took him. I pierced his throat with my fangs, and felt the rush of fire that is living blood as it washed over my tongue. After I had that taste, I pulled back. I looked into those burning eyes and I ask three questions.

“Would you live? Would you die? Or would you be both?”

We stood there for a moment, him pinned against the wall where I had him trapped. In my mind, a new bond throbs, formed by blood and something I don’t understand. I can’t even tell what it is that I’m sensing.

But then he put his hands on my face and drew me into a kiss. I could feel him licking at the blood that painted my lips. His blood. Then his teeth sank into my lip, deep enough to bring my own stolen blood to the surface.

I had never made one of my own kind before. Thankfully it’s instinctual, or else I might have killed him. Instead, he collapses into my arms, and I gather him up. As I cradle him in my arms, preparing to vanish into the shadows, he whispered what I assume to be his name.



He is my darkness. We shall hunt together, and we shall make a beautiful game of it.

As I hold him in my arms, stretched out on my bed, I laugh. Yami and Yugi. Dark Game. Nuzzling his cheek, I can’t help but think how appropriate it is.

Now I only have to wait.

Then we play.
Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] yu-gi-oh!, author: icedark_elf

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