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Inevitable [Tenisu no Oujisama, Atobe, Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka, G]

Title: Inevitable
Author: Jennifier D. (jennifier_d)
Fandom: Tenisu no Oujisama
Type: yaoi
Pairing/Characters: Atobe, Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka
Rating: G

Disclaimer: All copyrights of Tenipuri belongs to Konomi Takeshi.

Challenge: Vampires Challenge
Time: 45mins + 15mins for edits

Notes: See, this is just a blatant excuse to write C-grade vampire flicks using the tenipuri boys as dartboards. I've had this idea for a long, long time. Never got around to writing it simply because I'm lazy as hell and these are one of those epic-scaled fics which has no coherent ending in sight. For the account, nope, not out of hiatus yet, school's inhaling me whole, and well, let's call this a timely distraction from J2EE documentation. ^__^ (The alternative is to read fics. But in order for that to be possible, I have to find good fics to read first. Saa.)

"I'm here to look for Fuji Syuusuke." By the hard light in Ryoma's eyes, one would think that he must the most fearless boy alive, to step into the heart of the biggest vampires stronghold in existence and seek audience with one of the resident alpha vampires.

The fact that he was the only human among the mass of hungry vampires appeared to be an annoying side detail that could be put aside until further consideration at a later time. Ryoma turned liquid golden-brown eyes onto the owner of the stronghold, narrowing them in irritation. The elegant-looking man was sitting on what had looked like a throne made from skins of an entire pack of werewolves, and he wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

Atobe Keigo waved a hand at him dismissively, having fed for the day, and was clearly disinterested in entertaining unwanted guests. "Fuji will not entertain anyone. He hasn't done so for the past decade. I will honour his decision, since he is a guest of my House."

"I need to see him!" Ryoma glared at the ageless man sitting on his throne of past glories, gripping hold of the metallic stake in his hand tight.

He might be facing oppressive numbers, but he could move faster than them, a fact he had tested over and over again with the older vampires living in his district. It was a strange ability he inherited from his father, the rumoured talents of the last slayer the century might see.

"Tsk," Atobe shook his head, clearly annoyed. "I will not repeat myself. Vampire slayer or not, you will leave my premises when I ask you to do so. Don't make me throw you out of this place, youngling. Contrary to popular belief, the enemy of your enemy isn't your friend. The werewolves have been baying about you for weeks before you managed to step a foot upon my country's soil. You disturb the peace of this place. I want you gone."

"Give me Fuji and I will go."

Atobe sighed, standing up in a rustle of dark silk and flickering candlelight.

"Why are you so set on him, young one?" Atobe left his high throne in a gentle glide, landing gracefully before Ryoma. He reached forward and gripped hold of the boy's chin tight, tilting his face to give him a better view of Ryoma's features. "Not bad. But you're too young... to be one of his scorned lovers. How old are you this year?"

Ryoma pulled himself away from Atobe's grasp, eyes narrowed, the knuckles of his fists white with anger. "Twenty."

Atobe smiled. "Neither a boy nor a man. Interesting. What business do you have with Fuji?"


The vampire rolled his eyes. "That is too simple-minded a purpose, is it not? So many people want to kill us vampires for revenge..."

Some pain filtered into Ryoma's features. "He took the only important person in my life away from me."

Atobe gestured easily to the vampires that were watching them. "Everyone here has done that. Who did he take from you, little one? Your family? Your beloved? Or your friends?"

"He's my... family." The hesitance made Atobe quirk an eyebrow in interest.

"What's his name?"

Ryoma's breathing quickened. Just thinking about that name alone made the familiar choking feeling fill his chest.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu."

There was a pause, and Atobe had gone deathly still, narrowing his eyes at Ryoma. "You're the orphan he foolishly allowed to live from fifteen years ago? The one called... Echizen Ryoma?"

"Yes." The answer was like a hiss, sharp and pained.

"Very well." The vampire then smiled, the corners of his lips tight. "I will bring you to him. He might not want to see you, though. Just remember that."

Ryoma smirked, all filled with sharp triumphant in the darkness of the hall. "I will."


They travelled a long way to reach the lower reaches of the stronghold, passing many rooms which were either boarded off or empty but carried signs of use. He saw other humans in the stronghold, people who cooked, who worked, who washed and lived with the vampires carelessly, either unaware or unwilling to care.

Atobe finally came to a stop before a large wooden door. There were no signs of it being barricaded from the outside, so when he turned a perplexed look on the vampire, the latter only smiled.

"The door is locked from the inside. He will admit you when he wants to. That is all I can do for you, brave youngling."

When he was sure that Atobe had left him alone in the dark dungeon, Ryoma rapped sharply against the heavy wooden door, feeling some of the old wood splinter under his knuckles. There was a soft murmur from within, before a panel slide aside slightly, and a pair of sharp blue eyes was revealed.

"Ahh..." The voice was a familiar, one which haunted him in the darkest of his nightmares. "Ryoma. I was... expecting this day to arrive."

The sounds of heavy bolts being slide aside were heard. When the door swung open slightly, Ryoma had the disconcerting feeling that it had weighed nothing more than air, and the obstruction preventing him from entering the room wasn't the door, but was Fuji himself.

Ryoma licked his lips, his mouth gone suddenly dry.

"What are you going to do now that you've found me, Ryoma?"

He narrowed his eyes, suddenly reminded of his purpose. "I'll kill you."

"That sounds good," Fuji's chuckle made him feel cold. "And after that? Atobe doesn't take to... people who disrupt the peace of his House easily."

Ryoma snorted. "What happens to me after that isn't important. As long as I've killed you..."

"To avenge Tezuka's death?" Fuji's voice sounded like he was smiling, something Ryoma had never liked. "Is that the sole reason why you're here, Ryoma?"


"What will you do..." Fuji began, the door slowly swinging open to reveal him sitting on the bed beside a prone figure tied down to the bedposts, the shadows the room was shrouded in preventing Ryoma from seeing his face. Fuji was smiling, in the sad manner of a mother who had seen what damage her child wrought, and was unable to prevent things from becoming worse. "If Tezuka is still alive?"

Almost as if on cue, the figure lying on the bed screamed, thrashing against his bindings.

Ryoma watched, eyes wide, heart pounding in his chest, as Fuji reached over and gently slapped the man lying on the bed. It was enough to make him stop screaming, but the moment he had gathered his bearings, he started to thrash again, an inhuman keening filling the air. Ryoma could feel his goose-bumps rising, the hair on the back of his neck standing in fear.

The sounds the person lying on the bed made weren't human. It was almost like... an animal in pain.

"I'm sorry, Ryoma." Fuji's soft voice was clear despite the keening and screaming in the background. "I tried my best."


"Like you," Fuji smiled, sad. "I didn't want him to die."

Ryoma took a step back when the man lying on the bed turned to stare at him, crazed eyes roaming all over the room before settling on his face, all traces of sanity in them gone. He swallowed, finding his throat painfully dry. He was frightened, but there was nothing he could do but stare helplessly at the insane creature on the bed, backing away slowly, one step at a time.


Date completed: 170804
Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: jennifier_d

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