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Vampiric Needs [Prince of Tennis, Tezuka x Fuji, Pg-13]

Title: Vampiric Needs
Author: Stardust
Fandom: Prince of Tennis (Tenisu no Ouji-sama)
Type: Horror-ish, shonen-ai/yaoi
Pairing: Tezufuji (Tezuka x Fuji)
Rating: Pg-13 just to be on the safe side
Warning: blood, blood, and more blood? ^^;

Disclaimers: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me in any way, nor do vampires. ^^ Only my ideas belong to me.

Written for the Vampire Challenge, 661 words, done in 43 mins.

Summary: A short AU that casts Fuji as a vampire with a to-do list and Tezuka as a lord who like cleaness. Setting of the story is back in the medieval ages. (Gods, what havoc Fuji might have wrought back then.) Might spawn more one-shots if plot bunnies are given and fed properly.

Blood dripped off of his fingers and he watched it flow down his arms, and then his unearthly eyes followed a droplet to the floor as it plastered itself to the stony plane.

The moon was bright tonight as it poured through a window and it highlighted the brown of his hair to honey; it made his pale pale skin glow. The fresh red blood glistened, a wane reminder of what it had once been, pouring down a person’s veins and up through the arteries. The usually hidden eyes glowed sapphire.

He had killed tonight, hunted and killed for another’s blood. He had fed. The dead girl laid crumpled in a heap on the floor. He wouldn’t miss her; after all, she had just been another meal and nothing more.

It’s not like she was innocent, oh no, anything but. So eager had she been to go to bed with him after a mere two meetings; a mistress of a lowly lord.

Fuji smiled as he remembered how she had raced into his embrace of death impatiently.

He grimaced at the slight mess he had made, there were drops and dollops of blood on the floor and he once meticulous clothes of navy blue had rivulets of black embedded in it now. He had gone too long between feedings and had lost his control.

After heaving the body over the balcony to let its weight carry it to ground zero (the poor girl jumped to her death, yes she did, no vampire sucked her dry, nope, no vampires here), he whipped out a handkerchief to soak up all the blood all the while thinking about Tezuka’s reaction to his appearance.

Lord Tezuka, his lover and pet project, a rock of a human being. One of these days, when Tezuka submits body, hear, mind, and soul, he will take the next step to ensure that they will be together for the rest of eternity; or so he’d like to think.

Melting into the shadows and on his way back to Tezuka, Fuji merrily checked things off on a mental to-do list.

Hunting: check

Feeding: check

Eluding crazy church officials: check

Seducing Tezuka again: _______

Fuji frowned slightly to himself as he slipped from shadow to shadow already half way to the castle. Now now, that blank wouldn’t do now will it. If anything, Fuji liked to do things completely. Smiling once again as he reached the castle of the stoic lord, Fuji felt that it would be a good time as any to finish off the last item on his list.


Tezuka sat by himself by the dying fire reading a book when Fuji finally made his appearance. Putting down the book carefully and bookmarking his place, he finally took a good look at the other, and blinked. Not as much from the horror of seeing his lover caked with streaks of dried blood, as from the oddity; Fuji usually cleaned himself up after a meal before coming here. He then raised an eyebrow carefully in question at Fuji’s outstretched arms.

“Come” Fuji urged.

“Your arms have dried blood on them and I just took a shower.” Tezuka answered skeptically.

Pouting a little and having great fun, Fuji crossed the threshold to stand in front of Tezuka.

“Are you repulsed by my appearance? Of what I am? Of what you might be in the future? Are you sickened that the one who you had fallen for lives on the blood of others? Are you saddened by the loss of life?”

This was all answered as Tezuka held one of Fuji’s hands decorated with dried blood up to his mouth and kissed the back of it. “No”

Fuji’s smile was tinged with relief and imp as he processed Tezuka’s reply and pushed him none so gently on to the black canopied bed.

‘Check’ he thought.

That was the last coherent thought either of them had for the rest of the night.


Feedback much appreciated! ^____^~
Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: furuba_forever

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