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Winners and Losers/Vampire Challenges

Challenge One: Winners and Losers

In the spirit of the Olympics, this week's first challenge is winners and losers. What do we mean? For someone to win, there has to be a loser. We're not talking about one of those "what mattered is that they competed" things. We're talking about the heart of competition.

So... write about this. You can twist this to fit your series. Example: Every time Dark steals a piece d'art, Satoshi loses.

Time: Sixty minutes to the finish line.

Challenge Two: Vampires

You know what cliches vampires are - but we still love them.

Your fic must mention a vampire. If you're writing Miyu, you've got it made. If not, you can watch a scary movie, do a quick AU, or throw in a vampire bat or talk about how vampiric Muraki is.

Write a parody, make it sappy. Indulge in the fic you've been dying to. This is the excuse you've been waiting for.

Basically, put your own spin on an over-used concept.

2 hours to suck this one dry.
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