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Word /Feet, Socks, Shoes Challenges

Challenge One: Word Power

Let's increase our word power! Encarta says there's ten words we ALL MUST KNOW, and

That's a word?!Collapse )

Challenge is simple. Use as many of these as you can in a smooth fashion within three hours. If you can only use one, that's cool, but cookies to the person who challenges themselves with more.

Don't be otiose! Three hours!

Challege Two: Feet, Socks, Shoes...

Feet - they can be ugly or sexy, smelly or not, but here's the challenge.

Part of your theme has to contain feet, socks or shoes. Maybe Mizuki's socks math that purple sweater. Maybe Touya knows how to place Go stones with his toes. Maybe someone is looking at new shoes. Maybe Yue's feet are constantly cold... and then there's always the fact feet are an erogenous area for a lot of people...

Ninety minutes to hoof it.</b>

Yes, I'm a bit early.

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