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First topic: Christmas in July

Per request! Haul out the holly, put up the tree, because we need a little Christmas!

It's harder to write a Xmas fic when there's no trimmings of the season around us, but let's have fun! Give us some mistletoe kisses, gift exchanges, or your fav character dressed as Santa.

Alternate is a "Christmas in July" for your characters, where characters reflect on Christmas, do some early shopping, or whatever!

Christmas is the theme!

90 minutes to celebrate the season!

Second Topic: Adversaries

A while back, we featured the hero of the piece, but a hero is nothing without an opponent.

The challenge? Write a fic on the adversary of the piece... remember, this can mean "opponent" or "enemy."

There are three basic plots when we're looking at conflict: Man versus self, man versus others, man versus nature. It's up to you to decide which you want to highlight.

If you want, make this a villain challenge. How bad is bad?

The twist? Since the heroes challenge was in second person, this one has to be as well.

90 minutes to walk the wicked side.
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