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With Friends Like There/Freedom Challenges

Challenge one: With Friends Like These...

Who needs enemies?

Basically a drabble meme. Post that you are accepting challenges on your LJ. You have 24 hours to respond to a challenge you receive there FROM THE TIMESTAMP OF THE PERSON WHO CHALLENGES YOU. Fics can be any length, and yes, you can use the entire 24 hour period to work on it. That means it can take you 15 minutes or 4 hours.

You do not have to accept all the challenges you receive. Only one is required. If you choose to accept more, add an additional 24 hours for each response.

Here's an example message:

I am accepting challenges for the temps_mort 24 Hour "With Friends Like These" challenge. Please give me a challenge which is specific to what you would like to see me work on with my writing. Be more specific than fandom and pairing. Thematic suggestions, general plots, or writing devices are good ideas.

The idea is that your friends will know more about your fandom and you and they might give you a couple good plotbunnies.

When you post to the comm, let us know what your challenge was.

Time: 24 hours after your friend gives you a specific challenge

Challenge two: Freedom

What is Freedom? What does it mean to be free?

The theme is freedom, and you can spin this any way you like. What do the characters do in their free time? Stage a prison break, have someone embrace freedom. Mental freedom, physical freedom - it's all the same. Whatever it is, let your characters deal with the theme in some way, shape or form.

60 minutes free time with this.
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