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Pride [Saiyuki, PG, Gen]

Title: Pride
Author: Zansetsu
Challenge: Snapshots
Fandom: Saiyuki
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Minekura-sama owns all.
Notes: Done in one hour and forty-five minutes, mainly because I had spent too much time writing something which was cut out anyway. Maybe someday, I'll expand it to something which includes the whole of Saiyuki cast next time. After all, all of them are prideful creatures. But the main thing that's bugging me is: This isn't really how snapshots should work, is it? *weeps*

He thought he could have her love just by buying her some pretty flowers. But he had forgotten that she hated red. Or maybe, she just hated him.

“A beer.”

“Are you old enough to drink?”

“Do I look old enough?”

“Only your eyes.”

He took his first sip of beer. It was bitter and he was glad. He took another sip, and then another. Soon, sips turned into drinks, and drinks turned into gulps.

The beer was bitter, bitter enough to drown out the tears, bitter enough to drown out the world, so bitter that nothing else seemed to matter at all. Later, he would remember it as the best beer he had ever tasted.

“Call it pride if you want, but I’m not going to let him go just like that.”

He had brought a man whom he did not know into his house, just because he thought he saw something familiar behind that smile. And because of that, he was to abstain from smoking because the doctor had declared it bad for the patient’s health. He looked back at the figure on his bed and cursed, only this time, he promised himself.

They were playing poker; he had always found it to be an effective way to ease the tension. He had not visited the pubs and spent each day cooped in the house, waiting on the man whom he did not know the name of. And to add insult to dignity, he was losing more than he had won.

The man showed his hand, it was a straight flush. He had lost again. He knew he had all the right in the world to be irritated at this man who was polite enough to clean up the house for him but not polite enough to lose a game. But he made the mistake of looking into the man’s face. The little apologetic smile stung.

Another round, he said.

“Were you prideful?”

“…A little.”

The man came back with a different name to live with him. He did not talk about he being away, nor did he ask about what happened.

Poker, he said, and began to deal the cards.

They were to travel together, not just them of course, it was with a priest and a monkey. In fact, they were ordered to join those two in their journey. And because the man had owed his life to those who had gave the order, he had no choice but to follow them as well.

“Drink it all up, love, life and death.”

He found the setting sun symbolic, as though he was heading for a future which he did not know and leaving behind the past which he did not want. But the past was always there, it was not something which can be thrown away, it was patient, it waited, and their journey forced him to walk right into it.

He sat at the back of Jeep and stared at burning sun. Quietly sipping his beer, he wished life could be like this forever.

“Pride is a sin.”

“Really? Then I must be the most sinful man on earth.”

Tags: *type: gen, [animanga] saiyuki, author: zansetsu

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