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Devious Angel (Harry Potter, G, gen)

Title: Devious Angel
Author: Nine
Fandom: Harry Potter
Type: Gen
Characters: Remus, Sirius, mentions James
Rating: G
Challenge: Oxymoron, about 20 minutes since it’s just a drabble
Disclaimer: The series and characters all belong to J. K. Rowling
Summary: Remus ponders about something his grandmother told him long ago.
Notes: The oxymoron itself comes in both the title and the last line. I know this is an anime community, but I’m sure there are HP-lovers here, as well, and if anyone wishes to object to me posting this here, then I’ll remove it.

He’s never really believed in anything religious - in the world of magic that Remus lives in, it is hard to find anyone not a muggle to be even faintly religious - but he’s always remembered one thing he heard once, from his grandmother, who loved studying muggles’ beliefs and traditions. She told him about winged beings that help regular people unconditionally. They appear and care for people during particularly difficult times in life, then, just as quickly as they come, disappear without a trace. His grandmother called them angels, he remembered. Now, he’s never really believed in anything religious, but he can’t help but wonder sometimes late at night: wondering why Sirius ever became his friend in the first place, when he wasn’t very popular and Sirius and James obviously were, wondering why Sirius had chosen to protect him and give him unconditional love and friendship instead of laughing at him like all of the other popular boys did, wondering why sometimes, when the sun hit his black hair just right, it seemed to form a circular light around Sirius’s head reminiscent of a halo like the haloes in the pictures his grandmother used to show him, and, of course, wondering why Sirius died so young, so suddenly, and disappeared without a trace. Remus is a sensible adult, and he has great common sense, but during these late-night ponderings, he likes to imagine that Sirius would make a great angel, though in quite a devious angelic way.


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