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Golden Afternoon: Digimon, PG, yaoi, Kouji/Kenji

Title: Golden Afternoon
Author: fyretoppaaa
Fandom: Digimon
Type: Hinty shounen-ai
Pairing: Kouji/Kenji (Tomoki's older brother)
Rating: PG
Challenge: Nostalgia, 22 minutes
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, love 'em anyways. ^^v
Summary: Kouji has a rather convoluted little epiphany one hot afternoon at the beach.
Notes: First temps_mort challengefic. Not too shabby for my first timed fic, even if I do say so myself. Terribly raw, though I s'pose that's the point. >_>

Golden Afternoon

(Kouji's POV)

It's a real scorcher today.

You suppose it's part of this normal summer afternoon, especially on the beach-skirted coast of California. It's like a dream come true, this vacation for the six of you, but it's only natural-- Izumi's moving here in the fall, after all, so this will probably be the last time till after high school that the six of you can be together like this.

But all those thoughts, heavy, scratching thoughts though they are, flit and float at the surface of your mind like so many dragonflies over a pond, lost in a haze of heat and sandy fumes. The scent of the beach and the thin layer of salt crusting your skin conspire against sanity, logic, consciousness itself.

Sleepily, you lift your head at the shouts in the distance, and with surprise see that they're not so distant after all. The pier is only a few meters away, and they're all over it, scrambling and rushing and playing and laughing. Your twin is in that tangle of childish fun somewhere, a bob of blue in a sea of colors. You'd like to work up the energy, but with the sun in your face and the sand at your back, it doesn't seem worth the effort. You were never much of a crowd person anyway. You're not an outdoors person either, but you know when to make exceptions.

Then you spot him. A single figure at the edge of the remarkably short pier, glistening in the sunlight; it looks like he's just come up, but already he's positioning himself for a dive, ready to re-enter the water. And then you realize that all the noise on the pier is no longer in fun-- you can hear Izumi's frantic screaming as she gesticulates at nobody in particular, and Takuya and Junpei trying to calm her down even as they themselves gnaw on fingernails and shirt sleeves. Your brother stands in the midst of the fray, but you can't see his face (really, you never can if he doesn't want you to) and anyway, all your attention is with theirs, at the edge of that pier.

Somehow you find yourself on the pier, your feet pounding on the wooden slats; vague apprehension of the splinters you can feel under your toes lost in the roiling ball of thoughts caught in your throat, thudding in time to your heartbeat.

Everything is still, and the heat crushes all noise; it's like a silent movie as you watch him leap off the pier. His dive is beautiful, like a golden porpoise and a shooting star, wild and free even as he works with frantic strokes toward where Tomoki has somehow been swept a little too far by the frothing waves.

And even as everyone else holds their breath, all eyes on the figure in the water...

All you can see are Himi Kenji's eyes, the sheets of gold that well up, hazel burnished to a metallic sheen under the glare of sunlight. They are a hawk's eyes, inconstant and uncompromising.

And as he comes up onto the sand, a glistening apparition once more, all you can think is that you have to find excuses to come to the beach more often.



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