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Nostalgia Challenge

Happy birthday temps_mort!

This week we celebrate our first year anniversary. We've had over 550 fics posted in over 100 categories (and 1/5 of them have been Prince of Tennis). Since that's a special occassion, we're going to do a special challenge - and just one.

Challenge: Nostalgia

This is a wide open theme. What makes you nostalgic? Return to a fandom you haven't written in years - how about some Gundam Wing? What was your first OTP?

Or literally. Use the theme nostalgia. Have your character feeling nostalgic for the "good old days."

Use the word "nostalgia" or its variations. Make the Hikago fans scream and describe a nostalgic smile.

Or... another twist. Get sentimental with us. temps_mort is returning to some of its most popular challenges in the last year.

Our first challenge: Complementary Colors

One of the most popular: keyphrase: May I have this dance?

Another popular one: Heroes

You have 90 minutes to get wax nostalgic, unless you want to get down and dirty in 30 minutes. If you choose to do an earlier challenge, use the new time frame.
Tags: *challenge

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