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Last Day of School - Prince of Tennis, PG, spamfic

fic: Last Day of School
author: Aishuu
time: 10 minutes
challenge: Graduation
Notes: In honor of my ototo, who did exactly this and went down in school history for actually pulling it off. The boy was a bishounen...

On the last day of school, the Seigaku Tennis Club came in drag.

More precisely, the senior members of the regulars were the ones attired in skirts and dresses, their faces adorned with too much make-up and their hair teased terribly.

As they sashayed through the halls on three-inch heels, Kikumaru and Fuji playfully waggled their fingers at the gawkers. Beside them, Inui and Kawamura wobbled less certainly, while Oishi and Tezuka brought up the rear, with Oishi looking ready to dig a hole and bury himself and Tezuka’s stern face killing laughter before it could be voiced. No one would dare laugh at Tezuka Kunimitsu — not even when he was wearing a long blue evening gown and pearls.

The pack made sure to parade through all the hallways before, like a well-coordinated flight maneuver, dropping its members off at their classrooms. First Tezuka, then Oishi, then Kawamura, and finally Inui.

Finally only Kikumaru and Fuji remained, and they linked arms, making their way to 3-4.

A few girls actually were a bit jealous, because the two pretty boys managed to pull off the mini-skirts better than they could. It was a shame that beauty was wasted on two boys.

Fuji’s feet were hurting from the stilletos he’d borrowed from his sister, but he knew it’d been well-worth it. There was no way anyone would doubt they’d won this year’s competition.

Senior pranks. It was tradition, after all.

Besides, who knew Inui could swing his hips like that?
Tags: *type: gen, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: aishuu

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