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Dango [Naruto, G, gen, Kisame/Itachi]

Title: Dango
Author: tongari
Fandom: Naruto
Type: gen
Characters: Kisame, Itachi
Rating: G
Summary: Kisame hogs all the dango but starts to think he should share.
Disclaimer: Naruto is the wonderful creation of Masashi Kishimoto.
Notes: 1POV/1PT challenge, 20 minutes (couldn't finish in less, would spoil in more)

Wind in my face, hot and dry; we have been walking for a long time, but I like the taste of salt blowing in from over the sea. Sun glosses butter-warm over skin when I raise my hand to point, and I think, it’s a shame to skulk behind these shutters but Itachi-san knows what he’s doing. I think.

Well even if he doesn’t, nobody ever died from walking. I’ll just walk behind and keep an eye out, because we’re never welcome, we aren’t, not anywhere we go. I think it’s the way we dress, the big sword on my back, the way he holds his head; I ask him, Itachi-san, let’s stop for some tea and dango? and in his pause I can read his usual long dot dot dot; I wait long enough and in the end he says, all right.

And we are really all right. We never throw rubbish on the floor or raise our voices, and we always tip around thirty percent, more or less depending on the service. The shopkeeper looks a bit put off by the black cloaks and straw hats and veils, everybody does, but we play good customers and he plays good proprietor and the tea is good, better than what I can boil in a can, travelling. The dango is beyond comparison. I don’t comment, but when it’s down to the last few I ask Itachi-san if he wants it; he says no, you finish it, and I’m so greedy that I do.

Later, when we are finally standing in full sunlight and he’s looking at people he used to know and you can tell how much they don’t want him to be there, I can’t enjoy it at all. I’m wondering, did he actually want the rest of the dango? He said I could have it, but I’ve never heard him say he didn’t want it. He’s just never wanted anything, not since I’ve known him, not what I’ve heard about him, and maybe it’s because everyone assumes he doesn’t want something as simple as dango. Maybe you learn not to want things because you don’t believe God or Fate or plain stupid people will let you have them.

I know I’m going to have to pay attention to our opponents in a while, but I think, next time, I’ll say, ‘Itachi-san, you finish the dango’ and save him the embarrassment. I’ll have to excuse myself right after that though, because, well, I really do like dango.
Tags: *type: gen, [animanga] naruto, author: tongari

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