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Third Challenge! Image Songs!

Special! The other two challenges are still in play, but here's a third.

Third Challenge: Image Songs:

This is a special third challenge - I'm only doing this in honor of the fst, and I needed permission first before I could post it, which is why it wasn't the first challenge. And it has to be done this week, because some of the tracks will be pulled shortly!

In honor of the completion of the Fan Soundtrack Project, we're going to salute them! Take a piece of music which you think suits a character and LISTEN to it. Put it on repeat, if you can stand writing while listening to music. Take a piece which suits a series, and let that be your inspiration.

Don't write a songfic, merely let yourself think on a piece of music which suits the mood of a character, a part of a series, or character interactions, and go from there.

The title of your piece should be the piece of music you listen to (so I expect some weird titles!). For example, if I listened to "Bury My Lovely" by October Project while Writing a Hikaru no Go fic, that would be the title of the fic.

Bonus cookies to anyone who uses a track from the project TO the correct series! Which means any series on the project is fair game (even if it's outside the usual [Unknown LJ tag] guidelines.

Soundtracks can be different lengths, but this one has a 1:30 (90 minute) running time in honor of the longest fst so far (Yami no Matsuei).

PS- If you download from the project, be SURE to leave feadback in payment for the bandwidth you use.
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