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Just Fine [Prince of Tennis, PG-13, Yaoi, Oishi/Eiji]

Title: Just Fine
Author: Alexis
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Harry Potter fusion
Type: yaoi
Pairing: Oishi/Eiji
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First day of school, and Eiji feels rather overwhelmed.
Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis or Harry Potter, because I'm not nearly that talented! I do own this crappy fic though!
Notes: Yep, clocked in at about 1 hr 20 min. This will probably become a multi-parter, since I like the idea. I'm such an addict to HP xovers/fusions. They make me a happy fangirl! crossposted to tenipuri_yaoi, golden_pair, and my LiveJournal.

“Oishi! Hurry up; we’re going to be late!!!” Eiji called back to his friend and fellow Quidditch player.

Oishi just looked at his friend, and shook his head with a small smile curving his lips. “Eiji, you never worry about being late to class. What’s up?”

It was the first day of classes, and they were fifth years at Gakkou no Houou [1], an elite magic school in Japan.

“Yeah, but we’ve got Potions with Hyotei first thing, and I don’t want to get there after Mukahi does!”

Oishi just sighed, used to the rivalry between the two Quidditch players. They both played Seeker, and were known for their crazy acrobatic tricks in the air and dangerous flying when in pursuit of the Golden Snitch. Mukahi just couldn’t get over the fact that whenever he faced off against Eiji, he always lost.

Picking up his pace, Oishi drew up next to Eiji, and gave his friend a smile. “Tezuka said we’d be having practice tonight. He’s definitely getting an early start on the season this year.”

Eiji just laughed, and threw an arm around Oishi’s shoulders, prompting a slight blush from the taller boy. “Buchou [2] probably would make us practice all summer long if he could, and you know it! He’s happiest when he’s on his broom, or ordering us to run laps around the Quidditch pitch.”

“Kikumaru. Ten laps extra tonight,” came from behind the pair of Seigakus. Whirling around, they saw Tezuka, looking grim, and Fuji with his ever-present smile.

Peering around from Oishi, whom he had hidden behind, Eiji started to pout. “But buchou! You’re just proving my point, you know.”

Tezuka merely raised a brow, “Shall I make it twenty?”

Shaking his head vehemently, the redheaded Seeker just grabbed Oishi’s arm and dragged him towards the Potions classroom. They took a seat at their normal table, towards the back on the left side of the room. Fuji and Tezuka sat down at the table in front of them, and their other friends from their House, Inui and Kawamura, sat at the table next to them.

Finally Banda-sensei arrived, although everyone called him Banji. Eiji often said that his constant smile was creepier than Fuji’s, which had earned him a sharp look from the tensai [3].

After finishing their Draught of Peace, Oishi filled a vial, labeled it, and brought it up to the front of the room to be tested. Walking back to his table, he noticed Eiji in a staring contest with Mukahi. He merely sighed, and looked at Oshitari, Mukahi’s partner, and they shared a meaningful look. They may be in rival houses, but they both tired of the rather insane competition between the two redheads.

Finally the class period was over, and the Seigaku-tachi [4] made their way to Transfiguration, which they had with Fudoumine this year.

Waving at Ibu and Kamio, two of the members of the Fudoumine Quidditch team, Eiji flopped into a chair with a dramatic sigh. “I can’t believe we’re having double Transfiguration already! It’s just the first day. I don’t think I can handle that much Ryuisaki in one day! And she’ll be at practice tonight too!”

Fuji took the seat to the right of Eiji, and just smiled at his friend. “Don’t you have that new move to try in practice that you were telling me about?”

Tezuka sat on the other side of Fuji, and looked over his head at Eiji. “You’ve been working on new moves? Good. I fully expect to win the Quidditch Cup this year. If we do, we’re eligible to do a summer tournament with other winning school teams from all over Europe and Asia.”

Oishi smiled at his long-time friend. “We have a strong team, Tezuka, and a strong leader. I know we will make it.”

Fuji and Eiji nodded in response, but that’s when Ryuisaki-sense entered the classroom, and called the class to order.


The rest of the day went much like that, in a blur of classes and mounds of homework. It was their fifth year, and they were gearing up for O.W.L.’s [5], upon which the rest of their lives hinged on. Even Eiji, who was normally very happy-go-lucky, was feeling the stress.

Dumping his books on his bed, the acrobatic Quidditch player slumped down on it and ran his fingers through his hair.

Oishi, who had come up to the dormitory behind Eiji, looked at his friend with a worried expression on his face. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Peeking up at his friend, “Do you think I could just drop out of school and join a Muggle circus? I can’t do all this!”

Oishi sat down next to his friend on the bed, and placed a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. “Of course you can. It may be hard work, but it will pay off. And besides, you have all your friends here to help you and support you.”

“Ne, Oishi…do you really think so?” Eiji’s blue eyes looked into Oishi’s green ones, seemingly searching for something in their depths.

His face getting closer to Eiji’s, Oishi nodded and smiled. “I have total faith in you, Eiji. Everything will be fine.” These last words were spoken with their lips mere millimeters apart.

Taking a deep breath, Eiji’s closed the distance between the two of them, and kissed his best friend. It was soft and warm, a tremor running through both their bodies at the contact.

Finally breaking apart, Eiji smiled brightly at his friend. “You know what? I think this year will be just fine.”


[1] Gakkou no Houou – means “School of the Legendary Phoenix”. It’s the name of a Japanese magic school from my GW/HP crossover
[2] buchou – captain
[3] tensai – prodigy; genius
[4] tachi – indicates a group…i.e. Seigaku-tachi means the group of Seigakus.
[5] O.W.L. – ordinary wizarding level

Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: lexarose

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