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Pandora's Box/War Challenges

Challenge One: Pandora's Box

In Greek mythology, first woman on earth.
Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create her as vengeance upon man and his benefactor, Prometheus. The gods endowed her with every charm, together with curiosity and deceit. Zeus sent her as a wife to Epimetheus, Prometheus’ simple brother, and gave her a box that he forbade her to open. Despite Prometheus’ warnings, Epimetheus allowed her to open the box and let out all the evils that have since afflicted man. Hope alone remained inside the box. is one of the the most famous - and tantalizing. There's a few different versions, but most agree on the basic tenets - Pandora gets a box, is told not to open it, does so anyway, and unleashes a ton of trouble. All that remains inside the box is hope.

Here's the challenge. Create a "Pandora's Box" fic. Ideas are someone doing something they know they shouldn't do and getting more than they bargained for. Someone being given a letter and told not to read it - their own Pandora's Box. Or, if you prefer, you can write a piece about hope, since that was the gift that remained inside...

Take whatever spin you can come up with using these themes, just do it within 90 minutes.

Challenge Two: War

The second challenge revolves around the theme of war. You can do this in a number of ways. You can externalize it, having your story take place in the middle of an actual war, whether it be in the twenty-first century with guns and kevlar, or in medieval times, with swords and shields. You can use war as an internal conflict. In short, you can interpret this in many ways.

Be creative and really think about this one - 90 minutes.
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