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After Work Comes Play (FAKE/PG-13/Yaoi)

Title: After Work Comes Play
Author: hua
Fandom: FAKE
Type: Yaoi
Rating: PG - 13
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Grocery list: leaves, awnings, mustard, taxis/pigeons, dog, horse/coke, coffee/heels--check
Time: right to the edge of the hour, ouch

They took a break in the park, stretching their legs and drawing deep drafts of fresh air; fresh as it got here, anyhow. It was autumn and the trees were dropping their leaves in brief, bright flights of orange and gold. The smell of food vendors blended in with the smell of exhaust and other perils of city life, but the air was cool and it was better than being cramped up in the car on stakeout waiting for some marginally important coke buyer to make a move. Dee cracked his neck and yawned. His nice big bed, or even better, Ryo's bed, sounded like the perfect place to stretch out and get comfortable. Still, they weren't due back on shift until tomorrow, which meant there was plenty of time to take a nap. He followed Ryo past the yellow awnings of the pretzel carts and through intermittent flow of people. Joggers, businessmen, couples with their kids, couples with their dogs, performers, teenagers, on and on he let it slip past. It wasn't like he ever lost his connection with the city, but sometimes it was nice to sit in the middle and just let it flow past.

He caught sight of a carriage and increased his pace, loping after Ryo, sending the pigeons waddling marginally faster. "Hey." He draped his arm around his partner's shoulder, and waved his hand in more or less the right direction. "Let's take a ride on one of those."

Ryo leaned back, eying the rig doubtfully. It had stopped and a couple was getting out, the woman negotiating the highest pair of heels Dee had seen in several years with understandable caution, the look on the man's face and the careful hand at her elbow kind of touching if you were a sap for that sort of thing. He turned his head back to see Ryo looking at him. "What? I have mustard on my nose?" He wrinkled it and crossed his eyes, trying to look.

Ryo shook his head and laughed as Dee'd hoped. "Nothing," he looked away. "I won't say no. If you're sure that's what you really want to do..."

Dee felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. His arm slipped. "What do you mean?" The other man stared at him blankly. A twinkle entered Dee's eyes. "That? In the park? We're cops, you know, we're supposed to discourage that sort of thing--" Ryo, finally catching his drift, knocked him one, scowling.

Dee prodded the spot gingerly, and then had to lope again to catch up. "Geez, do it more gently," he whined. "I was only kidding. If you don't want to go for a pony ride, you don't have to."

"It's not that. I said I would." Ryo tipped his head, looking at Dee thoughtfully. Dee felt his heart beat faster, as always when those dark eyes focused on him like that. Some things would never change, he guessed. "It's a nice idea," Ryo said at last.

Dee leaned forward, lacing their fingers together. "Forget it," he said. "Let's go get coffee."

"All right," Ryo agreed, mild again. The hand in his squeezed gently as Dee tugged him toward the gate. "Where are we going?"

"My place," Dee said mischievously, and glanced back in time to see the flush that stained his partner's cheeks. He spun around, keeping a tight hold on Ryo's hand so that they stumbled together. "Ha!" he crowed. "I knew that's what you were getting at! You think you can fool me by standing... there.. so innocent..." Ryo was pressed all along his front, and there was nothing innocent in his eyes. Dee cleared his throat.

Ryo's eyelids drooped, his lips parted... and he chuckled as he turned his head away, unable to hide his smile before he pressed his face into Dee's neck. "I didn't mean in the park. I was just surprised it seemed to bother you so much," he said, muffled. He cleared his throat and stepped away, running a hand through his hair. "I thought that was exactly your sort of thing..."

Dee grinned and put on a shifty look, wrapping his arm about Ryo's shoulders, steering him. It was almost dark now, and they were through the gates onto the sidewalk, treated with the view of a more determined class of pedestrian and rows of taxis clamoring in the street. "Are you kidding? Can't let other people get a look at what they can't have. Envy incites crime, you know."

Ryo ducked away, looking doubtful. "That's not what you were saying last week."

Dee ignored him blithely. "Besides, since when do you get to tease me? It doesn't seem right somehow." Ryo was silent. Dee glanced at him a few times as they walked. "What?"

"Nothing," Ryo said, smiling again and shaking his head. He raised his hand and paused, hovering for a second. Then he took Dee's in his own. "Let's hurry."

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