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X (Legacy of Kain, NC-17, Yaoi, Kain/Raziel, Kain/Rahab & Rahab/Raziel)

Title: X
Author: Emerald Embers
Fandom: Legacy of Kain
Type: Yaoi
Pairing: Kain/Raziel, Kain/Rahab, Rahab/Raziel
Rating: NC-17 for yaoi
Summary: Smut. Kain's musings on two of his fledglings.
Disclaimer: Eidos and Crystal Dynamics pwn all. I pwn nothing. Non-profit fanpr0nfiction.
Notes: Done for the Fire challenge. Sorry it's late dudies :X!

Kain watched greedily as Raziel settled into place on the bedsheets, bleached-bone skin complementing red velvet sheets. "It's good to see you haven't given yourself any new scars yet," Kain mused aloud, licking his lips. The sight was tempting beyond recognition, and would have remained so even without the ferocious, bloody kisses and the teasing massage that had preceded moving events to the bedroom.

"I could say the same for you, if you had been involved in any fighting this past century," Raziel replied in a tone that suggested he knew full well how dangerous the conversation topic was. "And why so glad? The last time you spoke of one of my scars, you were licking it."

Kain laughed hoarsely before walking over to the bed and climbing on top of his fledgling, pinning cool legs beneath his own and enjoying the contrast between their muscles. Raziel had never progressed very far beyond wiry. "Now, before you continue playing games with fire, remind me - why do I put up with you?"

Raziel grinned, licking his fangs before raising his face to Kain's, demanding his lord's attention to move higher up his body. "I was under the impression that was for you to know, not I. I can hazard a few guesses though, if you like..." Kain reached a hand underneath Raziel, claws playing a dangerous game against the lieutenant's entrance.

"I would very much like to hear your suggestions."

Raziel nodded, keeping a wary eye on Kain as he reached down the side of the bed, finding a bottle of lubricating oil tucked neatly between one of the wooden posts and the mattress. While he enjoyed playing games, the idea of being ripped apart vengefully from the inside was not so pleasant. "Perhaps it's because I am the first of my brothers to be born, and the eldest is often the favourite."

Kain smirked, brushing his lips against Raziel's lightly as he attempted to ease his middle claw in a little, starting small for the moment. For all his bravado, Raziel was never very good at relaxing. "I was under the impression that it was the last-born who was supposed to be the favourite?"

"Melchiah?" Raziel laughed, before hissing as the claw managed to dig a little deeper, finding himself tensing up again. "Nn- I think not. That loose skin of his could become quite troublesome." Kain's expression was amusingly nauseated. "And back to me - perhaps it's because you know only two of us would consider lying beneath a man by choice, and Rahab has been so very quiet lately..." A loud yell as the claw finally slid all of the way in, Kain waiting a moment for Raziel to adjust to the sensation.

"Your brother has always been a mystery, Raziel. Don't presume his silence means he has been doing nothing of late."

"That I know," Raziel replied, neglecting to add that the very thing he had been trying to persuade Rahab to do was about to have a practice run of sorts with Kain. The claw withdrew, and Kain lifted Raziel's legs up, helping his fledgling prop them up around his shoulders before he pushed in. "God... damnit," Raziel gasped as he tried to adjust to the pain. Centuries of practice and it still hurt every time; he was somewhat jealous of Rahab, who was allegedly... looser.

"Language, Raziel," Kain replied as he eased out slightly, waiting for Raziel's consent to move. He knew full well Raziel actually liked it rough, but unless he had directly asked for it beforehand, the eldest lieutenant had a tendency to get quite hot-tempered.

If it weren't for the fact they had never been blood relatives as far as Kain was aware, the older vampire might have suspected Raziel had inherited his curious mix of long and short fuses from Kain's bloodline. Even now, so many millennia ahead, Kain could recall his mother bearing the incessant criticisms of his father without trouble and in the same day sacking a slave girl for daring to eat with her mouth open. They were more alike than Raziel realized, both decidedly reminiscent of flames; talented at consuming, destroying, and purifying.

"Ready," Raziel confirmed, taking hold of the sheets as Kain began. The first few motions usually made the younger vampire cringe, but he adapted quickly. Sure enough, a few seconds later and Raziel linked his ankles behind Kain's neck, drew him in deeper.

Kain found himself remembering a similar situation not so very long ago with another fledgling - the enigmatic Rahab. Of all his fledglings, it was Rahab he would most regret losing to oblivion; there was an added depth to that blue-skinned one which made him unique. And of course, knowing Raziel's eventual fate, he could not help but find a strange irony in the way Rahab looked.

Rahab's expression, when he had ended up in the same position Raziel was currently employing, had been very different. There was a darkness to his eyes that would not go, as if he was permanently defying the world in some way or another. A better description would be to say that while the outside certainly drew you in, smooth-skinned and tempting as it was, you could not help but sense an added element of danger that prevented you going any further. Like the slowly flooding abbey Rahab had curiously chosen as the seat of his territory, there were limits to how far one could explore before self-preservation kicked in.

Taking Rahab had been very different to taking Raziel, and Kain had made his decision. Towards the end of their reign in Nosgoth, humans had started to become more creative at finding methods of boosting their own morale. A popular method became offering captured vampires the choice of fire or water for their public execution.

Kain knew he would have chosen fire every time.

Raziel drew a finger across Kain's lips, bringing his master back to the present. "Am I being compared?"

Kain smiled darkly. "I should be more wary of your perceptiveness," He replied, neglecting to answer the real question.

Raziel arched slightly to ease the strain in his back, uncrossing his ankles for a moment to adjust his position. "Would you have Rahab and I murder for your attention?"

"Death is not the only way to get my attention, Raziel. When a choice is unnecessary, I prefer not to make it." Kain licked his lips and adjusted his balance, taking Raziel's erection in his hand. "I wonder if you can think of alternatives?" He inquired, grazing a deadly claw over the tip.

Raziel hissed and licked his lips before closing his eyes, hiding amber fire from Kain's gaze while he thought over the delicious possibilities. "I suppose we could face each other in one of the arenas..."

Rahab's body clamping tight around his own, the friction between them reaching painful levels as the usually calm, blue-skinned brother fought to achieve release first, forcing Raziel into the best position for him, one hand on his erection and the other on Raziel's chest-

"My territory, actually. He would take advantage of the damned water in his area, send me flying for a few nasty burns."

Blue-black lips around the base of his erection, swallowing him whole, and what would those slits in the sides of his neck do under that pressure? If they were indeed gills, would he use them to breathe better?

Raziel took his hand away from Kain's shoulder, using the freed appendage to guide the one Kain had not yet moved from his length. "What do you imagine, my lord?"

Kain was not fond of the same game Raziel had played, and he leant further forward, straining Raziel's leg and back muscles into a position they were not keen upon. "I imagine you on hands and knees, begging to feel him deeper inside you. I imagine you..." Leaning back now to reduce the pain Raziel had felt in the unnatural arrangement for his limbs, having decided he had given his fledgling warning enough. "Bound on his bed, desperate for his touch and having him deny you the very thing you desire."

"Ah... but I always get what I want," Raziel reminded Kain as he peeled Kain's hand away from his erection, taking control of his own pleasure and opening his eyes so he could admire the hunger in how Kain watched him. "Come now, admit it." A little sly grin as he drew the hand that had been helping Kain to balance down his master's chest and abdomen, bringing it back after venturing close to where their bodies were joining with increasing violence. "Or simply come. You cannot hold out forever, my lord."

"But I can make a damned good effort," Kain reminded Raziel in turn coupled with a particularly harsh thrust. "I would not mock you for peaking first, Raziel. I was hoping you might extend the same favour to me."

Raziel closed his eyes for a moment, visualising Rahab's hand around his erection in place of his own, talented claws performing movements he had perfected on himself over the centuries. "Mmh- there's no need." Opening his eyes again and drinking in Kain's eyes, burning as ever with a passion not usually equated with unlife. "Bite me, and you'll have the victory you seek."

Kain gripped Raziel's jaw lightly with his freed hand, tilted Raziel's head to one side. "You'll have to arch more than that unless you want to have your back snapped."

"No such thing as an easy victory," Raziel mused before doing as Kain had asked, exposing his throat for the razors that dug into its flesh. And, much as Raziel had promised, once the skin broke and blood made its mark on teeth and lips and sheets, the eldest lieutenant cried out into the smoke of Kain's hair and bled white across his sire's chest.

Kain's orgasm was relatively quiet, dying out in Raziel's aching body, and the older vampire eased out to lie at his fledgling's side moments later. "One thing I will always be thankful for," Kain mused as he rested his head in the crook between Raziel's neck and shoulder, "Is that you are far more talkative than your brother."

Raziel laughed breathlessly, one hand reaching down and lightly clasping the possessive one Kain had placed on his hip. "Rahab does get frighteningly quiet at times, doesn't he?"

"True. You'll never be the same, will you?"

"I hope you're inferring that's a good thing, my lord." Raziel smirked before turning over in Kain's arms and giving his sire a dangerous little look. "I'll antagonise you to the day I die, if necessary."

Kain raised a hand to push aside the hair that fell across Raziel's eyes, briefly seeing white depths in their place, and nodded. "I promise I'll let you. Now sleep."

Raziel raised an eyebrow before leaning forward and scratching Kain's chest lightly with his fangs, getting a flicker of salt and blood on the tip of his tongue. "Good idea," He mumbled vaguely before resting his head on the pillow and closing his eyes, lulled quickly into dreams by the taste in his mouth and the relaxation of his muscles.

Kain brushed a free hand lightly down Raziel's cheek before getting up and going to the bedroom door, opening it.

"You knew I would be here." It was not a question, but Kain chose to answer anyway.

"Of course."

Rahab took a deep breath in through his nose, and the older vampire would have sworn he saw the blue-skinned vampire's gills flare. "Ah, we have a sleeping beauty within. I take it I am not wanted, then?"

Kain turned to look at the lieutenant on his bed, pale skin and black hair making a poetic contast with the bedsheets. Blue would have clashed. "Insightful as ever."

Rahab nodded and stepped forward, bringing his lips close to Kain's ear. "You would do well to remember flames that don't blow out still burn themselves out, and so very quickly too."

Kain tilted his head slightly to the left, taking Raziel in one moment longer, before turning back to Rahab. "I made my decision," He replied in a warning tone, and shut the door.

- End

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