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Burning the Midnight Oil (Prince of Tennis, G)

Title: Burning The Midnight Oil
Author: Cosmiko Ling
Fandom: The Prince of Tennis
Type: Gen. Unless you choose to interpret it otherwise.
Rating: G
Challenge: 2 a.m.
Characters: Kikumaru
Disclaimer: I do not own the Prince of Tennis or any of its characters. This is a non-profit fanfiction written by a fan for the enjoyment of other fans.
Time used: 2 hours 2 minutes
Start: 12:17am
End: 2:19am
Notes: Hi minna~ This is the first time I'm trying a challenge - and I've exceeded the time alloted! Waah! x_x Does the time start ticking from when you start thinking about the fic idea by the way? Or only when you start writing? If it's the latter, then I've made it with 9 minutes to spare!! XD
And another note that this wasn't edited. So, pardon any careless mistakes.
I'll probably regret posting this tomorrow... >>;;

He was never going to do last minute studying again! Kikumaru Eiji vowed as he tried once more to absorb the content of the page he had been staring at for the last half an hour.

It was more than an hour past midnight, and the Kikumaru house rested tranquilly in total darkness - except for a dim glow emitted by a desktop lamp in one of the bedrooms. Eiji wouldn't normally stay up this late when there was school the next day, if it wasn't for the test the next day (or later that day, since it was past midnight) and their evil literature teacher.

Eiji had been abruptly called upon after lesson to see him in the staff room after class. There, the teacher had given a rather long and boring lecture about his lower-than-desirable grades, and warned him that if he was to score below fifty percent for the test in two days time, he would have to attend remedial sessions after school, at which Eiji had snapped alert from his dozing state, asking - but what about my tennis practice? He was informed sternly that these lessons took a greater priority over any club activities. And Eiji fell silent.

It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to not study for the test. Alright, so he hadn't been terribly enthusiastic about studying... and he hadn't exactly aimed to pass either. But if he hadn't forgotten about the test, or if the teacher had spoken to him sooner, he might have started trying to prepare the materials they were required to study earlier...

Stifling a yawn and ignoring the loud snores from his brother, Eiji turned the page, deciding that he would never finish if he didn't go on.

A fresh page of words, words and more words.

Though they were neatly written words, with a good amount of spacing between the lines so that it would be less difficult to read on the whole.

And Eiji appreciated the considerations of his friend. At first, he had simply gaped at the idea that Fuji took notes. Fuji didn't seem to pay any more attention during class than he did, as far as Eiji could see. (Though it was true that he still seemed to know whatever was going on...) And he couldn't see how Fuji could have been taking down notes all this while without the person sitting beside him (himself, Eiji) noticing. That was why he had exclaimed in surprise when that morning, Fuji handed him, smiling as he always did, a sheaf of stapled papers, which a glance at the top page told Eiji, were literature notes.

Then Eiji had began to realise as he flipped through it, that the notes weren't the type one would take down during lessons, but more of the type one would need for a quick revision. In other words - the perfect solution to his problem of disorganised and cluttered study material. Eiji remembered grumbling to Fuji about the whole meeting with their teacher during tennis club activity the day before (both of them were sent on twenty laps around the courts for lazing around during practice), and while he had asked to borrow notes from his friend, to which Fuji had said his weren't complete, he hadn't expected to receive this. Eiji had jumped on Fuji, thanking him. And Fuji had chuckled, saying it didn't take a lot of effort. And it probably hadn't for Fuji, but Eiji was still grateful.

Eiji straightened his back, rotating his head on his aching neck and hearing satisfying cracking sounds. Even with Fuji's Super!Notes, it didn't seem like he would be able to finish studying anytime soon, Eiji thought miserably as he glanced aimlessly over his cluttered desk. And he was getting terribly sleepy...

A tiny movement at the corner of his eye caught Eiji's attention. Eiji turned his face slightly, instantaneously curious. It was the second hand of his table clock - a fine silver needle against a dark surface.

Going tick.






Eiji watched the moving needle, for some reason, fascinated.

...Perhaps he should try brushing his teeth again to wake himself up.


A soft drawn out groan. Letting his arms fall limply on either side of his body, Eiji leant back in his chair. The force caused the chair to roll backwards slightly, stopping with a small jerk as it hit something soft.

Eiji looked down.

Then jumped up from his chair, holding in, with much difficulty, the urge to yell, less he woke the entire household up.

"Daigorou!" Eiji whispered anxiously as he knelt down on the floor, pushing the offending chair aside. "Are you alright?" Carefully, he examined the big bear's leg, checking to see if it had suffered any damages from the accidental encounter with the chair.

Fortunately, it seemed to be alright. Eiji pulled the bear up and hugged him, sitting back on the heels of his feet and letting his eyelids fall over his eyes, feeling the softness of Daigorou's fur against his cheek. He didn't feel like studying anymore. He really felt so exhausted.

And there Eiji remained, for who knew how long, till a familiar beeping sound broke the silence of the night.

Eiji's eyes snapped open as he turned to stare at the source of the sound.

In the bed a short distance away, his older brother grunted and turned over to face the other side.

Setting Daigorou down carefully so that he sat nicely against the wall, Eiji reached over to pull open a zip on a pocket of his bag. He had forgotten to turn off his cell phone today. But who would try to contact him at this hour of the day?

One message received

Eiji stared at the glowing screen, puzzled. He pressed down on the "ok" button.

Eiji, are you still awake? If you are, don't sleep too late, alright? Good luck for your test tomorrow.
Sender: Oishi Syuichiro
Sent: 2:00:01

A smile spread across Eiji's face. Quickly, he selected "reply", pressed a series of buttons, and then paused, waiting for a few seconds before he turned his phone off and placed it back into his bag. He stood up again, determination returning to his eyes.

Yosh! He would just read through these last few pages and then go to sleep!


In a room lit only by the moonlight streaming in through the window, a figure lay in the single bed, tossing and turning occasionally.

The sound of something vibrating against wood.

The figure sat up, a hand reaching for a small object that lay on the narrow ledge by the head of the bed.

A faint glow lit up from the small object and remained for a while.

Then the object was replaced on the ledge, and the figure settled back into bed.

The glow vanished; the room returned to darkness. And the tossing and turning stopped.
Tags: *type: gen, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: cosmiko

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