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"I play the trap card Penal-Tea!", G, PoT/YGO

Title: "I play the trap card Penal-Tea!"
Author: Makiko Igami
Fandom: Prince of Tennis, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Type: gen
Characters: main: Inui, Kikumaru, Kaiba, Jounouchi
Rating: G
Summary: Crossover-type. ^^;
Disclaimer: No ownies... though everyday I pray I did. ^^;
Notes: Actually this was an idea me and some friends came up some time ago, after we compared Seiyuu. And I SO had to write this for the challenge. It's also a first here. Lets see how far I got.
Time used: 1 hr 57 min

"Momo-sempai? What are these two doing?" Ryoma asked as he entered the Seigaku tennis clubroom and spotted two of his sempai sitting at a table, staring down at a few very colourful cards on it.

"Huh? Oh, Echizen, you're here," the taller one said. "They are playing a strange card game. I believe they did that ever since I knew them... once in a while at least."

"It's called 'Duel Monsters', I believe," Ooishi said thoughtfully as he stared at the usually bouncy redhead who sat now almost stock still as he stared down at the cards of his opponent with such a scrunched up face that he feared it may stay this way.

"Huh? What's this?" Ryoma asked, looking up at the green-eyed vice captain.

"I... Well, it's a strategic card game, much like chess, if I dare to make any comparisons, but I never really played it myself," he said sheepishly. In fact Kikumaru had tried to teach it to him once, but the redhead soon had lost his patience with him. He didn't have much patience to begin with. "You have monster cards, trap cards and magic cards and you have to play out these in the right patterns to decimate your opponent's lifepoints."

"There was an 85.6% chance that you would play this card now. According to my data this would be the best way to counter your strategic," they heard a very calm voice coming from the other side of the table.

"Inui!!! That's not fair!!! My Gearfried was supposed to destroy your Battle Ox! How come he got destroyed instead?!" Kikumaru whailed.

"Reinforcements. It increases my monsters ATK in the turn this card is activated. You lose 400 lifepoints." There was a certain amount of sadistic glee in the data freak's voice as he watched how Kikumaru placed his now defeated card on the graveyard.

"I know what this card does! But why did you have to play it?" Kikumaru pouted.

"Well, according to my data..."

"Stop it!!" Kikumaru cried and played a card face down.

"End of my turn."

"My turn. Draw," Inui murmured and looked at his new card with a smirk. "I sacrifice my Mystical Jinn and Kojikocy to play this card."

Kikumaru already saw it coming. It didn't stop him from wailing though. "No~~!"

"Blue Eyes White Dragon! Attack!" Inui hollered and pointed down on Kikumaru's Harpie's Brother.

"I~~nu~i~~~!!! That's not fair! Playing a Blue Eyes White Dragon right now! How am I supposed to overcome this?!!" Kikumaru was close to tears.

"Face it like a man. You lose 1200 lifepoints, which brings you down to 800 lifepoints, which is not much compared to my 3200. According to my data there's a 0% chance that you can win now," Inui stated the facts, still gleaming with a certain grade of malice.

The redhead bit his lip and stared down at his side of the field. There wasn't much he had left, just two face-down monster cards in defense mode. Obviously Inui hadn't bothered attacking him because they wouldn't make him lose lifepoints. Maybe he could use that for his advantage...

"Ne, looks like Kikumaru-sempai is losing, isn't he?" Ryoma stated as he observed the current match.

"Saa... Eiji is crafty in this game. He will come up with something extraordinary soon," Fuji stated as he came to a halt behind the first year regular, usual smile still in place.

"You know this game?" Ooishi asked curiously. "I never knew."

"Eiji and I play once in a while when Inui isn't around. I don't know why, but he likes to challenge Inui in this game," the tennis prodigy explained softly. He directed his smiling gaze at the other third year. "He told me that he and you tried to play once, but that you lost desperately."

"Eeehh???! Fuji!" Ooishi protested with a light blush staining his cheeks. "That's... that's not true! We didn't finish the game!"

"Ah yes, I remember... you were distracted, weren't you? I'm sorry," Fuji said, his smile becoming a little sheepish. But somehow that simply managed to increase Ooishi's blush.

"...and I equip him with this card!" Kikumaru beamed as he placed a green card face up under a monster card. "Malevolent Nuzzler which increases my Red Eyes Black Dragon's ATK with 700. And I attack your Blue Eyes with it!"

"No! According to my data this card shouldn't be in your deck!" Inui was obviously more than just surprised as he placed his precious Dragon on the graveyard. He shot the other boy a glare, which was softened by the thick glasses between them.

"Heehee, I bought a booster back the other day and just waited for the perfect opportunity to play this card, nya!" Kikumaru grinned like the Cheshire Cat. "I wanted to see your face when your invincible Blue Eyes got crushed by once of my cards."

"Heh, I knew he had something in mind when he challenged Inui earlier. So that was his plan," Fuji mumbled thoughtfully. "I knew he would be able to overcome Inui one day."

"My turn," Inui mumbled and drew a card, sounding crestfallen compared to the first time they heard him say that. He placed a card at the lower half of the field and announced his turn as over.

"What?! You've got no monster card to shield your lifepoints?" Kikumaru exclaimed. "Nya! You know you lose if I attack you now!"

"Yes," Inui said, sounding fatalistic.

"But you played a Trap card. That will probably destroy me if I try anything, right?"


Kikumaru frowned and looked from the cards in his hand at Inui's glasses and back. "Anyways, I play this card frist: Giant Trunade!"

They both took their respective Trap and Magic cards back in their hands, leaving Inui's side completely empty, before Kikumaru cried, "Attack!"

In result, Inui placed the cards in his hands face-down on the table and let his head hang. "You win."

"Yaaaaay!!!" Kikumaru jumped up, throwing his cards around and bounced up and down and towards the rest of the regulars. "I won! I won! Nya!!! Ooooooishiiiii~~~!! I won!" With that he glomped his doubles partner, before he did so with everybody else in the room, almost squeezing Ryoma to death.

"Kikumaru-sempai! Let me go!" he protested, but the only thing he accomplished was getting his hair ruffled after the cap fell from his head.

"I finally won! Nya!"

~In a different universe~

"Jounouchi smash!" A certain blond yelled as he jumped up high in the sky and hit the yellow ball with all of his might, aiming for the place right in front of Kaiba's feet. Of course the brunet was too taken aback to react to this turn of events.

"Impressive mutt, quite impressive. Where did you learn to play like that? On the streets?" The CEO said with cold amusement.

"Exactly! Honda and I practice on the street's courts every once in the while. We're unbeaten in doubles, ne Honda?" Jounouchi exclaimed and gave his friend a thumb up. The other blushed slightly as he rubbed the back of his head while the others at the side of the court looked at him with awe. It had been a well-kept secret between him and Jounouchi up until the moment the blond decided to challenge his nemesis into a match of tennis.

"Is that so? Well, I doubt that playing on the streets will get you to the place where you can beat me, you loser," the taller one smirked.

Jounouchi simply snorted. "Look at you! You're playing on the streets, just like I do and you still wear that ridiculous white coat. Can you even move in this thing? It sure looks like you're going to stumble over it every moment now." He smirked back, resting the racket on his shoulder. The blond himself was dressed in jeans and t-shirt, but that didn't seem to bother him, even though he would have moved better in his usual tennis clothes.

"I know how to move in my clothes, thank you very much," Kaiba all but spat as he prepared to serve. He threw the ball high up in the air and hit it forcefully with a grunt.

Jounouchi ran and returned the ball easily. He was good at Duel Monsters, but he thought he was even better at tennis. And this was the best way to pay Kaiba back for all the times he called him loser, because he knew the brunet had little to no tennis experience. That was to his advantage. Right now he was in lead with 5 games to 2 and he was sure this was nagging on Kaiba, who was used to winning.

Kaiba on the other hand wondered idly how he ended up with a tennis racket in his hands anyways. One moment he had been laughing at the mutt's clumsy attempts to win against him in a duel and in the next he was challenged to a one set match of tennis. Why he had accepted was beyond him, but he was grateful for the few training units he had when he was younger and thought that upper class people were supposed to play tennis. But he was losing!

"40:15!" announced Honda who was standing at the side of the court as Jounouchi hit another smash that flew by him untouched. One more point and the mutt would win! And that was something that Kaiba couldn't allow.

Gritting his teeth he prepared to serve again... and hit the ball out!

"Out! Fault!"

"What... are you getting nervous, moneybags?" Kikumaru smirked. He hadn't moved one bit to try and reach the ball as Kaiba had hit it. He must have had exceptional skills if he could judge how the ball would fly with such little data.

Wordlessly the brunet took another ball and served again. This time it was within the field, but Jounouchi was immediately there to return it, smirking as he did so. Kaiba ran to the opposite of the field and returned the ball as well, hoping to hit it somewhere where Jounouchi could not reach it, but the blond had an incredible speed. Wherever he hit, he was there. It was almost impossible to score against him.

But there was this little possibility of scoring that Kaiba intended to use thoroughly, until it was too late. So he tried to hit the ball where he thought it was hard even for the mutt to return them, but the mutt had exceptional talents of hitting balls at the most outrageous angles.

And these angles made it impossible for Kaiba to return his balls.

"Jounouchi wins! 6 games to 2! Congratulations!" Honda announced and jumped down, all but glomping his best friend.

Kaiba snorted. "What a ridiculous game. Of course you would only win because you have the advantage of longer training." He moved to leave the court.

"Hey! Wait! We have to shake hands!" the blond cried after he pried Honda off of him. "You can have a rematch anytime. Maybe we could play doubles one day, you and Yugi against me and Honda..."

"I don't do doubles," Kaiba stated firmly. "I don't need anybody's help to win. We will have a rematch... in a game of chess!"

"That's not fair I know nothing of that!"

"Then go start learning the rules. You've got one week," the brunet said coldly before he turned around, a smirk gracing his lips as he heard the blond complaining loudly.

I suck at endings. *sigh* But I hope you liked it. ^_^
Tags: *type: gen, [animanga] prince of tennis, [animanga] yu-gi-oh!, author: makikoigami

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