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82%, Sen to Chihiro / Spirited Away, PG, het

Title: 82%
Author: canis_m
Challenge: Water
Fandom: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Type: Big un-gay het
Pairing: Haku/Chihiro
Rating: PG
Summary: Things you learn in high school biology.
Disclaimer: Sen belongs to Miyazaki Hayao, Studio Ghibli, Buena Vista Entertainment, and other big scary corporate entities. Sachiko is on loan from velvetpaws. This is a work of fanfic. I makes no moneys.
Time: 75+
Notes: First post here. Not first HakuSen by any means. I won't lie to you people about making the time limit, but I wanted to share the love. Feedback is welcome here or at my LJ.

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

"The adult body--" said Sachiko, then paused to slide her Coke aside and prop her textbook on the table's edge. "The adult body contains an average of fifty-five to seventy-five percent water."

Chihiro blinked. "That much?"

"That's what it says. 'All types of tissue contain water. Blood is eighty-two percent, lean muscle about seventy-three percent, body fat about twenty-five percent. Water is necessary to the function of almost every life-sustaining process.'"

"Huh." Chihiro's gaze strayed from her notes. Vacation was over, but the hot weather wasn't, so she and Sachi were both still in summer uniforms, jacketless, with short-sleeved shirts. Peering down, she could see the blue veins threading her wrist and forearm, see how they branched like little rivers through her flesh. Funny how she'd never noticed the likeness before. "That explains a lot."

"You think we have to know all these percentages?"

"I doubt it."

"What if they're on the test?"

"I doubt they're going to ask that. More like, how many liters of water should you drink in a day."

"'Recommended daily intake of fluids is six to eight glasses. This does not include caffeinated beverages such as soda, which have a diuretic effect.' Diuretic?"

"Makes you pee." Chihiro stared at her glass of Coke. Sachi had offered and poured it when they arrived at the house--it was too late to decline it now.

"Okay, there's no way I'm remembering all this." Sachiko let the textbook flop, then seized the box of Pocky on the tabletop and ripped it open. She stuffed two sticks in her mouth at once before holding out the package. "Want thome?"

"No thanks."

"Are you thtaying for dinner? I should tell Mom if you are."

"Actually, I should probably get home."

"Hmm. Not sneaking off for a date, are you? On a school night?"

"Never," Chihiro lied.

"Hey, I wouldn't tell." Sachiko rearranged her legs on the floor cushion. "You still haven't told me what happened over break." She brandished a Pocky stick at Chihiro. "Have we or have we not been friends since seventh grade?"


"Come on, I won't tell Azusa."


"...Did you?"

Chihiro was an instant too slow with her evasion. She squelched her eyes shut and slumped over the tabletop, neither affirming nor denying. That was affirmation enough.

"Ohmygod no way no way no way."


"This means you're a woman now."


"Did it hurt? I mean, for real, did it?"

Bleary-eyed, Chihiro lifted her head. "The first time." After which Haku had apologized, saying he'd gotten carried away and from now on he'd see to it that there was no hurt at all. When Chihiro had mumbled that for girls it was pretty normal to hurt, he'd frowned and said that was because human men were so clumsy. Apparently it was true, because after that...well, she didn't remember much of that one night at Aburaya except a sort of sheer obliterating bliss.

Sachiko was gawping. "You did it more than once?"


It took a while to extricate herself, but at last Chihiro escaped. On the ride home she stopped her bike by a vending machine, dropped in 110 yen, and punched the button for a bottle of water instead of her usual tea. She unscrewed the cap and downed half in one glug before continuing on her way.

At home she helped her mother with dinner, and then with the dishes after, so it was almost dark before she left for her walk in the woods behind the house. Haku was waiting there, pacing tigerlike along the hidden trail. For long moments after she came he gave her no chance to speak.

When he did, she was breathless, smiling and proud. "I'm giving up Coke," she told him.


"You know, Coke, the stuff in the red cans."

"I see."

She wasn't sure he did, but that was all right. She tightened her arms around his middle. "I want to be a good eighty-two percent. Or whatever it was."

Haku looked quizzical but untroubled. He was no expert on percentages, or biology in the academic sense. His understanding of the body was otherwise past reproach.

~ ~ ~

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