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Title: Bubble Bath
Author: mushrooms
Challenge: Water [yes, again]
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Type: Fluff
Pairing/Characters: Atobe X Jiroh
Rating: PG
Time: 30 mins
Disclaimer: I can only wish I were making money from this.
Notes: Inspiration from Big Fish. Monnie, it's your fault that I'm even writing this. And yes, I have too much time on my hands. Am writing too much... -_-'''
Summary: Smile, strip, splash, snore.

Atobe didn't always stay in his dorm room. He preferred his own room at home, because it was, well, his. But sometimes homework and training required long days, and thus crashing in school was more inviting. He could afford it, anyway.

Training today had been tough, even for someone as fit and perfect as Atobe. Kantoku was having a mid-life crisis or something, because he had made the whole team run twenty laps round the school campus. And one lap meant close to five kilometres. Even Tezuka Kunimitsu wouldn't do that unless the person had done something really wrong, like spike the school's water supply with Aozu. But then again, Inui would be able to take the distance.

Either way, Atobe's body was crying out for some rest. Personal servants and the sort were not allowed in the dorms, and since Atobe really didn't feel like travelling all the way back to his mansion before being able to enjoy a massage... a long soak would have to do. A long, warm, aromathereupathic bubble bath.

Atobe got his bath ready [of course he had a bathtub in his bathroom - he was Atobe Keigo, after all] and let his bathrobe fall carelessly to the tiles. He was too tired to care about neatness today. He stepped into the tub and lowered his aching, perfect self into the water. Mmm.

Atobe eyes began to slide shut. He had turned on his CD player, and soft jazz filtered in through the door... soft jazz and the slam of another door.

"Tadaima!" Akutagawa Jiroh called out. Atobe opened one eye to stare at the bathroom door - Jiroh stayed in the room next door, which meant that he shared a bathroom with Atobe. And Atobe had forgotten to lock the door leading to Jiroh's room.

Oh, no.

The door in question slid open, and Jiroh froze in the doorway, eyes wide. "Atobe!"

"Jiroh," Atobe replied coolly, discreetly trying to float clumps of bubbles to hide himself. Not that he was ashamed, mind you; he was perfect, after all, and there was nothing to hide, but modesty still counted for something.

"What..." Jiroh's mouth worked, trying to say something. "What scent is that?"

Atobe looked up at his sort-of boyfriend. "Lavender."

"Aaa... my favourite!" Atobe had known this, of course; it was coincidence that he had chosen to use the bubble bath scent that Jiroh liked best. Lavender had calming properties, and that was exactly what Atobe needed. Jiroh's liking it had nothing to do with it at all. "I want to have a bath too."

Atobe pushed a lock of hair behind his ear. "Well, give me five minutes, I'll be out by..." He stopped. Jiroh had already undone his tie and was unbuttoning his shirt. Atobe waved the bubbles closer together. "What are you doing?"

"No need to get out and cut short your bath," Jiroh told him. "There's more than enough room for the both of us." He grinned, Cheshire-cat-like, and pulled his trousers off.

"Nice underwear," Atobe drawled. Jiroh looked down at the snowmen.

"Heh, it's nice, isn't it?" Jiroh then pulled those off, too, and stuck a toe into the water. "Mmm, the temperature is nice."

Atobe thought the water was getting too warm, but he didn't say anything as Jiroh slid bonelessly into the tub with him. The boy waded slightly towards Atobe and rested his cheek on Atobe's chest, the rest of him flush against Atobe. "Mmm. Nice." He yawned.

Atobe tentatively put his arms loosely around Jiroh as the latter's soft snores vibrated down his belly. So much for relaxing, Atobe thought vaguely, and let his eyes drift shut as well. He had to thank Kantoku for making them so tired, because otherwise he would have gone home. And home had its perks, like a personal masseuse, but home didn't have Jiroh lying on him, arms around him, hair smelling like vanilla.

Atobe made up his mind to stay in the dorms more often.

Tags: *type: m/m, [animanga] prince of tennis, author: burnein

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