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Journalism/Traveling Challenge

Challenge 1: Journalism

It’s a journalism challenge this week!

Write a piece in the style of a newspaper. Report on an event in the series, or have a character write a letter to the editor. Anything that fits in a newspaper is acceptable... be creative!

Cookies to anyone who DARES use AP Style:

For those of you who’d rather take a second spin, write a story with a journalist in it, trying to get a scoop from your characters! Amano from Hikaru no Go and Inoue and Shiba from Prince of Tennis would be great choices for this! Or create your own intrepid reporter, if need be.

Time? Reporters have to get things in by deadline, so you’ve got 75 minutes.

Challenge 2: Traveling

Your task is to write a story in which the main focus should be traveling. Sure, your characters can be angsting over the loss of a loved one, or pining for a chocolate pretzel: but they must be moving from one place to another by horse-back riding, car, the Millennium Falcon, etc. You get the picture.

Time? You’ve got 60 minutes to get from here to there.
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