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Art History [CCS, PG, Gen ]

Title: Art History
Author: Zansetsu
Challenge: Fine Art
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen (Eriol tortures poor Syaoran-kun, but that always happens and is thus not taken into consideration)
Disclaimer: If I own CCS, Eriol would be turned into a Gary Stu. I do not own CCS, CLAMP does.
Notes: …I figured posting this piece is much easier than giving an explanation as to why I am not posting this piece. And... I was slightly not myself when I was doing this piece, please forgive me.
Time Taken: I’m not exactly sure how much since my first attempt was a flop which took about 2 hours and I got fed up with it and done this one within 20 minutes.

Syaoran really sucked at Art History.

“…Compare the paintings Vision after the Sermon and Jacob Wrestling with an Angel.”

“In the painting Vision after the Sermon, Van Gogh painted in a painterly fashion whereas in Jacob Wrestling with an Angel-”

“They are the same painting.”


“Gauguin was the one who painted it.”


And Pop Culture’s not helping one bit.

“State a famous painting by Van Gogh.”

Starry Starry Night?”

Starry Night. Starry Starry Night is the name of the song.”


Eriol always has his own way of side tracking him.

“So Van Gogh lived with Gauguin for a while before they broke up after an argument-”

“Lovers’ spite. Or so they call it.”

“-which lead to the famous ear incident in which Van Gogh cut off his own ear and presented it to his lover.”

“Would you like my ear?”

And whatever Eriol does, he has a hidden agenda.

“That’s a Francis Bacon painting.”


“And that too.”


That was an absolute classic.”

“I like him.”

“Did I mention that he’s gay?”


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