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This is How it Goes (KwG, G, shounen-ai, Shinobu x Mitsuru)

Title: This is How it Goes
Author: kitsune_tsuki
Fandom: Koko wa Greenwood
Challenge: Valentine's Day
Type: Barely there shounen-ai. Really. Hardly noticeable.
Characters: Hasukawa, Shun, Shinobu, Mitsuru
Pairing: Shinobu x Mitsuru
Rating: G
Summary: Valentine's Day at Greenwood.
Disclaimer: I don't own KwG, I'm just borrowing it for a little bit.
Notes: My first post to the community, and my first KwG fic. Written in about an hour with about ten minutes to edit...any mistakes are due to my faulty memory.


He'd just managed to settle down to work on his homework assignment when Shun burst through the door to their dorm room, arms laden with packages wrapped in varying shades of pink. He was attempting to ignore his roommate further when a shadow fell over him, along with the scent of -


The shadow moved slightly, and Hasukawa turned to find Shun leaning over his shoulder, long hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. "Is that chocolate?"

Shun flashed him a bright smile and nodded, gesturing over his shoulder at the plastic bags next to his bed. "It is Valentine's Day, Suka. Of course it's chocolate."

Sighing, Hasukawa reached deep within for the final dregs of the patience he knew he really shouldn't squander. Lately though, he found that it was worth it to dredge something up when dealing with his roommate.

"Okay then." Hasukawa said, deciding that trying to get anything more from Shun when he was clearly in a...playful mood would be more trouble than it was worth - he turned back to his homework.

Shun, however, didn't move. Simply stood behind him quietly, waiting patiently for the moment when -


And there it was.


Dropping his head into his hands, Hasukawa silently appealed to the various gods for patience, knowing there would be no answer.

"Shun...was there something you wanted?"

"Hmmm...well, there was one thing. A favor, really. Just a little one." Shun added hastily when Hasukawa groaned, rubbing the heels of his hands into his eyes. "Really, Suka. Just a teensy little favor, that's all. It won't take long at all - you'll see!"

"Famous last words." Hasukawa muttered darkly, scowling down at his homework, which was cheerfully mocking him with its complete lack of progress.

"So you'll do it, then? You'll help me, Suka?"

And really, it should have been a crime for Shun to sound that plaintive.
"It won't take long? You promise?" he found himself asking, knowing deep down that he was going to regret giving into Shun. "I have to get this assignment done in time for class tomorrow."

"I promise, Suka. This won't take long at all. Really."

Sighing, Hasukawa raised his head and turned to pin Shun with a narrow-eyed look. "Promise?"

Shun gifted him with a sweet smile, and Hasukawa knew he was doomed.

"Promise, Suka."


"So...what am I helping you with?" Hasukawa asked, balancing the grocery bags Shun had placed in his arms as he followed his roommate through the dormitory hallways.

" know today's Valentine's Day, right?"

Twisting his head around as he caught a glimpse of someone dashing up the stairs clad only in a simple white toga and angel's wings, Hasukawa tripped and would have fallen if Shun hadn't caught him.

"Thanks, Shun." Hasukawa said, looking over his shoulder towards the staircase. "Was that - "

Helping Hasukawa settle the contents of the bags, Shun followed his gaze, his slight frown transforming into a genuinely amused smile. "Oh, that. I guess you didn't hear, huh? Furusawa volunteered to dress as Cupid to advertise a Valentine's Day special his girlfriend's business was offering."


Hasukawa thought there might have been more to the story that that, but judging by the look in Shun's eye, as well the as slightly wicked curve of his lips, he decided that he was better off simply not knowing.

"Anyway, since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I would try to make my own chocolates." Shun continued, making sure Hasukawa had the bags well in hand before heading back down the hallway.


Shun glanced over his shoulder and shrugged. "Well...I always buy the chocolates I give out on White Day, so I thought I'd try to make some of my own for once."

"But...aren't you supposed to do that for a special girl on White Day? I thought - " Hasukawa trailed off when he realized Shun was leading him to the dormitory kitchen. "Shun? Are we allowed to be in here? And why are you making your own chocolate on Valentine's Day?"

Shun didn't answer him right away as he moved further into the kitchen, turning on lights and checking cabinets as he went. Frowning, Hasukawa followed, looking for a good place to set the grocery bags down.

"You can put the stuff down over there," Shun said, gesturing at a spot along the back wall where a folding table had been set up. "Don't worry, Suka - I got special permission from the dorm lady to do this. Mitsuru said it was all right too - as long as I agreed to make chocolate for him to give away on White Day."

Somehow, Hasukawa wasn't too surprised by that.

"Okay...I think I understand that, but why do you need my help?" Hasukawa asked, taking the contents of the grocery bags out and setting them up on the table. "I mean...I don't think I'm going to be very much help to you. I've never made chocolate."

Shun leaned around the pile of plastic bags to frown at him, a package of unsweetened chocolate in his hand. "That's fine, Suka. I haven't either. That's why I wanted your help."

"Why?" Hasukawa persisted, genuinely baffled by Shun's unique brand of logic. "Wouldn't it have been better for you to ask someone who knows what they're doing help you?"

Shun smiled, and shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that it'll definitely be more fun this way, the two of us learning how to do this sort of thing together. You do want to, don't you Suka?"

There it was again, the slight edge of uncertainty in Shun's voice that Hasukawa really had no defense against. Never had, really.

"It's fine, Shun. I guess I'll need to learn how to do this sometime anyway." Hasukawa admitted, clearing away the last of the grocery bags.

"Great! me look for the measuring cups and a mixing bowl."

Sighing, Hasukawa looked at the groceries arrayed on the small table, then to Shun's retreating back as his roommate started digging through cabinets. The things he did for friendship.


"So...that makes how many this year, Mitsuru?"

Eyes narrowing, Mitsuru looked up form the book he was reading to find himself facing Shinobu and his smug little smile. The one that usually heralded -

"...I'm not sure, Shinobu. I lost count somewhere in the thirties."


Clearing his throat, Mitsuru resisted the urge to look away from Shinobu's eyes, knowing that to do would be admitting defeat. Not something that he was willing to risk when dealing with Shinobu.

" know how it is, Shinobu. All those girls shoving presents at you, it's difficult to keep track of everyone - and everything."


Mitsuru said nothing, merely watched Shinobu.

"They were a bit more...enthusiastic this year than usual, weren't they." Shinobu mused, gaze sliding away from Mitsuru towards the window. "Strange."

Breathing a mental sigh of relief as Shinobu turned his focus away from him, Mitsuru set his book aside and got to his feet, stretching a little as his muscles protested the movement.

"It was a little strange. They were always excitable, but I don't think they were ever so...grabby before. Kind of frightening, actually. It's a good thing Hasukawa and Shun weren't around."

Shinobu laughed quietly, slanting an amused look at Mitsuru. "'Grabby'?"

Scratching his shoulder, Mitsuru gave Shinobu a rueful little smile. "Oh, yeah. I think I might even have bruises to show for it."

"Hmmm...that simply won't do."

Mitsuru smiled at the contemplative look in Shinobu's eyes as he closed the space between them. "No, somehow I don't suppose it would."



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