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Obscure Characters/Addicted Challenge

First Challenge: Obscure Characters

You know your fandom. You know which characters get the limelight... and which don’t. Tell a story about one of the "obscure" characters, or one which isn’t ficced about so much. Example: Prince of Tennis Fans might consider Fudomine’s Ishida and Mori or anyone from Josei or Midoriyama. YYH fans might look at anyone outside of the Reikai Tantei and supporters. Whatever your fandom, you know that there’s an Otto being ignored in favor of Heero and Duo.

Basically, put your fav characters on the shelf for the week and let another character have the chance to shine. The character has to be canon.

The character may interact with a major character, but the focus of the fic should be on the minor character. And you can be the judge if the character is minor or not.

You have 90 minutes.

Second Challenge: Addicted

Found this one browsing through contrelamontre’s way-back archive.
This one's about finding a story to fit a title. Which is: Addicted. You don't actually have to title your story like that, but the task is to write something that could be titled "Addicted." What the addiction is up to you. Could be green socks, pink elephants, blue pills or golden skin.

Once again, to make it not too easy, the word addiction and all varieties thereof are forbidden. Time frame is forty-five minutes.

You have 45 minutes.

Remember, Aishuu is always accepting challenge suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to speak up!
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